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Deploying And Managing Active Directory With Wi...

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Deploying And Managing Active Directory With Wi...

Azure AD join works in managed and federated environments. We think most organizations will deploy with managed domains. Managed domain scenarios don't require configuring and managing a federation server like Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS).

Familiarity with networking and storage in a virtual environment is assumed, including Active Directory, identity management, and directory services. Knowledge of additional technologies such as VMware Workspace ONE Access (formerly VMware Identity Manager) and VMware Workspace ONE UEM and Microsoft Store for Business is also helpful.

You have several onboarding options when using command-line enrollment. From onboarding with a PC Lifecycle Management (PCLM) solution such as SCCM using Workspace ONE AirLift, to deploying a script via a group policy object (GPO), all options have one thing in common. All of these options use the command-line parameters supported with the Workspace ONE Intelligent Hub.

Profiles provide the primary mechanism for managing devices. A profile consists of settings, configurations, and restrictions. When combined with compliance policies, the profile enforces corporate rules and procedures. To create a profile, you first specify the General settings and then configure a payload. General settings determine how the profile is deployed and who receives it. The payload settings apply to the device when the profile is installed. For optimal device and console management, configure one payload per profile.

As a best practice, place AWS Managed Microsoft AD in a separate AWS account, with limited administrator access but sharing the service with other AWS accounts. After sharing the service and configuring routing, Active Directory aware applications, such as Microsoft SharePoint, can seamlessly join Active Directory Domain Services and maintain control of all administrative tasks. Find more details on sharing AWS Managed Microsoft AD in the Share your AWS Managed AD directory tutorial.

Azure Active Directory is not designed to be the cloud version of Active Directory. It is not a domain controller or a directory in the cloud that will provide the exact same capabilities with AD. It actually provides many more capabilities in a different way.

Even the recently announced Azure Active Directory Domain Services are not a usual DC as a service that you could use to replicate your existing Active Directory implementation to the cloud. It is a stand-alone service that can offer domain services to your Azure VMs and your directory-aware applications if you decide to move them to Azure infrastructure services. But with no replication to any other on-premises or cloud (in a VM) domain controller.

JumpCloud helps SMEs to improve security, save on licensing, reduce headcount, and save time and effort by consolidating orchestration into a single, open directory that serves as an identity broker. The JumpCloud platform also works with Okta identities to provide RADIUS and LDAP access control, SSO, and system management for your device endpoints.

If you are connecting IAM Identity Center to an AD Connector directory, any future user password resets must be done from within AD. This means that users will not be able to reset their passwords from the AWS access portal.

Before you create an EAS profile that automatically enables devices to pull data from your mail server, you must first ensure that users have the appropriate information in their user account records. For Directory Users, or those users that enrolled with their directory credentials, such as Active Directory, this information is automatically populated during enrollment. However, for Basic Users this information is not automatically known and must be populated in one of two ways:

AD FS offers benefits to users, IT staff and developers alike. With AD FS, IT can provide sign-on and access control based on a unified set of credentials. Additionally, t


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