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Camedia Master Software: The Ultimate Digital Imaging Solution for Olympus Digital Cameras

Camedia Master Software Download: A Complete Guide for Olympus Digital Camera Users

If you own an Olympus digital camera, you may have heard of Camedia Master software. This is a program that allows you to edit, manage, print, and share your digital photos and videos with ease. But what exactly is Camedia Master software? How can you download and install it on your computer? How can you use it to enhance your digital imaging experience? And what are some alternatives and competitors to Camedia Master software? In this article, we will answer all these questions and more. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Camedia Master software download.

Camedia Master Software Download


What is Camedia Master Software?

Camedia Master software is a digital camera image editing and management software designed by Olympus for Olympus digital cameras. It was first released in 2000 as a successor to Olympus Photo Album software. Since then, it has been updated several times with new features and improvements. The latest version is Camedia Master Pro 4.1, which was released in 2004.

Features and benefits of Camedia Master Software

Camedia Master software offers a range of features and benefits for Olympus digital camera users, such as:

  • Easy image transfer: You can connect your camera to your computer via USB cable or card reader and transfer your images and movie clips to your hard drive with a few clicks.

  • Powerful image editing: You can crop, rotate, resize, adjust brightness, contrast, color, sharpness, and more with Camedia Master software. You can also apply various effects and filters, such as sepia, black and white, soft focus, mosaic, etc. You can even remove red-eye, dust spots, and other imperfections with the clone tool.

  • Convenient image management: You can organize your images and movie clips in albums or slideshows with Camedia Master software. You can also add captions, comments, ratings, keywords, and other metadata to your files. You can search, sort, and filter your files by various criteria, such as date, size, name, rating, etc.

  • Flexible image printing: You can print your images in different formats and layouts with Camedia Master software. You can choose from standard sizes, such as 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, etc., or custom sizes. You can also print multiple images on one sheet of paper, or print index prints with thumbnails and file information. You can also print CD labels and covers with Camedia Master software.

  • Creative image sharing: You can share your images and movie clips with others with Camedia Master software. You can create HTML albums that can be viewed on any web browser. You can also create panoramas, QuickTime VRs, greeting cards, calendars, wallpapers, screensavers, and more with Camedia Master software. You can also email your files or upload them to online services, such as Olympus Photo News or Olympus Digital Print Service.

Supported Olympus digital camera models

Camedia Master software supports most Olympus digital camera models released between 2000 and 2004. Some of the supported models are:

  • Camedia C-1/C-1 Zoom/C-2/C-2 Zoom/C-100/C-120/C-150/C-160/C-200/C-200 Zoom/C-2100 Ultra Zoom/C-220 Zoom/C-3000 Zoom/C-3020 Zoom/C-3030 Zoom/C-3040 Zoom/C-4000 Zoom/C-4040 Zoom/C-40 Zoom/C-50 Zoom/C-5000 Zoom/C-5050 Zoom/C-5060 Wide Zoom/C-700 Ultra Zoom/C-720 Ultra Zoom/C-730 Ultra Zoom/C-740 Ultra Zoom/C-750 Ultra Zoom/C-760 Ultra Zoom/C-765 Ultra Zoom/C-770 Ultra Zoom

  • Camedia D-100/D-150/D-150 Zoom/D-230/D-370/D-380/D-390/D-395/D-40/D-40 Zoom/D-510 Zoom/D-520 Zoom/D-535 Zoom/D-540 Zoom/D-550 Zoom/D560ZOOM/D565ZOOM/D575ZOOM/D580ZOOM/D590ZOOM

  • Camedia E/E10/E20/E20N/E20P/E100RS

  • Camedia X/X100/X200/X300/X350/X400/X450/X500/X550/X600

  • Camedia IR/IR300/IR500

  • Camedia AZ/AZ1/AZ2

  • Camedia FE/FE100/FE110/FE120/FE130/FE140/FE150/FE160/FE170/FE180/FE190/FE200/FE210/FE220/FE230/FE240/FE250/FE270/FE280/FE290/FE300/FE310/FE320/FE330/FE340/FE350/FE360/FE370

  • Camedia SP/SP310/SP320/SP350/SP500UZ/SP510UZ/SP550UZ/SP560UZ/SP565UZ/SP570UZ

  • Camedia Stylus/Stylus 100/Stylus 120/Stylus 300/Stylus 400/Stylus 410/Stylus 500/Stylus 600/Stylus 700/Stylus 710/Stylus 720SW/Stylus 730/Stylus 740/Stylus 750/Stylus 760/Stylus 770SW/Stylus 780/Stylus 790SW/Stylus 800/Stylus 810/Stylus 820/Stylus 830/Stylus 840/Stylus 850SW/St ylus 900SW/Stylus 1000/Stylus 1010/Stylus 1020/Stylus 1030SW/Stylus 1040/Stylus 1050SW/Stylus 1060/Stylus 1070/Stylus 1200/Stylus Verve/Stylus Verve S

  • Camedia C/C40/C50/C60/C70/C80/C90/C100/C120/C150/C160/C170/C180/C190/C200/C210/C220/C230/C240/C250/C260/C270/C280/C290/C300/C310/C320/C330/C340/C350/C360/C370/C380/C390

For a complete list of supported models, please visit the Olympus website.

System requirements for Camedia Master Software