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Elisa Di Rivombrosa English

Yellow M&Mhello i came across this show as well, on you tube, and was instantly hooked, and like you i don't speak italian. i downloaded the whole first part with the spanish subtitles and i am translating it that way. so far what i have gleaned from the story is that Fabrizio is a count and Elisa is a servant working for them, but not just any servant she is the companion of Fabrizio's mother. so she is a little more elevated than the others. the mother is very attached to Elisa and treats her almost like family. she is at the dance i believe to accompany the mother and is asked by Fabrizio to dance which if you will watch everyone else is very scandalous, and looked down on.Fabrizio is a soldier in the french army. you will notice his uniform is the french colors. he trains underlings from what i could gather.they married before the baby was born although she was pregnant at the time. she had lost a baby previously so this one was really special. at this point she is now excepted by everyone, even the sister because she helps stop a treasonous plot which Fabrizio was framed for. she prevents him from being executed.She only gave birth to the one daughter, the boy is an illigitimate child of Fabrizio from someone else. elisa is the first to know because she sees a birhmark on the boy that looks the same as the one on Fabrizio.He died a little after they were married. the man who was plotting against him all throughout the first season finally caught up with him and they fought. Fabrizio kills the man but someone who followed them shoots Fabrizio i don't know why. all i can guess is that the young man who shot him was in league with the bad men.and yes society did ultamatly except them.PS i totally agree with you about Allesandro's eyes. beautiful. there is something very sexy about a man with black hair and peircing blue eyes. YUM!i hope i was helpful. im still working on the full diolouge myself i wish it would come with english subtitles.

Elisa Di Rivombrosa English

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