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All It Takes Is One Person To Make It Bigby Karen RandleNever one to beat around the bush, Karen Randle tells you the reality of how it is to the average songwriter. She goes through the greats, the bad, and the ugly. She tells us how to handle the likes of copyright infringement and the music industry in general. Her book is for anyone who ever thought his or her luck would change and we can all get the jump start we need to make our music a career. Karen will show you what you have to do to make it as an artist.When Karen says you need a commitment, she does not mean you need to spend a bunch of money on her book. The only thing you need to do is find ten minutes a day to read this book. To quote Lie to Me actress Rosa Arredondo, Yes, the book is compelling, but if you want money now, you need to put one more pound on your shoulders.

Being An Artist At This Moment Just Sucks...and Takes All Your Time by Karen RandleFinally, after a lifetime of seeing this, Karen has decided to turn her bleeding heart to service songwriters and artist, and take back the all-too-often seemingly-lost cause of the songwriter. With hundreds of hours of hard work and research, we get to see how this could be done. We get to see where we went wrong; and we learn how to avoid, what to do, and what not to do. Karen will bring you the world of artist and money - for real. If you want your music career, it begins here.After you read this book, you might wonder why so few songwriters make it. Then you'll enjoy Karen's stories and learn. In the beginning, you'll be too busy reading to get discouraged, but she brings you the hard truths so you can prepare yourself to handle them. With all of her good writing and all of her good company, you might think this is as good as it gets. And she will give you an ideal roadmap to make your goals and dreams come true - but you also get to choose which way it goes. 3d9ccd7d82


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