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Monster Girl Hunt [v0.2.76 Public]

This game is absolutely amazing! Some things I would enjoy to see that would balance out the fighting would be, a way to change a monsters moveset for moolah, and more health given to monsters later game. My reason for requesting more health is because my lvl 20 snake girl with her Brawl move usually one shot lvl 18 monsters and leave lvl 19 monsters a strong breeze away from death. And other way around lvl 18 monsters basically one shot my lvl 15 monsters. Other than this everything I've seen had just been amazing and do please keep up the good work!

Monster Girl Hunt [v0.2.76 Public]

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I recently downloaded the game and I have a problem, when any battle appears it freezes when the opponent appears and I can't use my own monster girl, it just freezes none of my keys work it just freezes. 041b061a72


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