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I Cant Download Kodi Addons


I Cant Download Kodi Addons

Nothing is working in Kodi for me; cannot update any addons, cannot download new ones, and the only link out of 25 that I tried that work was some random Spanish channel on Colossus. Pissed I spent the money on IPVanish when the damn app only works 10% of the time, if that.

I installed kodi 17.4 made sure that unknown source was checked and then started to load kodistuff.Everything worked ok until i get to Install From Zip File.My kodistuff shows up in this list but it will not download. I have the same issue for arez-wizard. When i click on these zip files nothing happens.Have you any idea as to what my be the problem.

I then went to my freshly installed Kodi 17.3 on my new Android TV box (this will work on all Kodi installs regardless of OS) and again downloaded the program addon called Backup. I used this to restore my kodi addons and it worked perfectly. Just one thing, for some reason the addons appear disabled in Kodi after the restore so you need to go to My Addons and simply enable each one manually, which takes just a few seconds.

i use indigo . addons . to . restore backfist you must full back . use working kodi with working addonssave . and copy back up file . 100mb to flaskdisk .and restore in new kodi installer . so new kodi will work

Ï have the samen problem i cant instal exodus in kodi i install from fusion.tvaddons andere toen ik can instal from zit file button when ik want to instal from repository it says can not connect to repositoir help me

Hello,I bought a firestick to download kodi too. I have tried to download no limits and placenta and about 3 others. Not one of them would let me put the build into kodi. I got the failed message about add-ons. I run single movie apps like Terrarium Tv on the stick. I would really like to use Kodi. HELP!!!

HiI installed kodi 16 on my old android box after I did a factory reset and although I can install The Crew, Tempest or Exodus I can see all the video addons except The Crew, Tempest or Exodus. I did not have this issue before.Can you help

Installing addon from a standalone ZIP file is one of the conventional ways to install addons and repositories on Kodi. For many third-party developed addons, they are neither included in official Kodi repository nor providing a valid media source URL that Kodi can directly access, they are usually hosted on websites like Github in the form of ZIP files. To install addons in that case without addon installation tools like Git Browser, you need to download them on your local storage and use Install from zip file feature on Kodi.

To further clarify, I was using OpenElec, I downloaded LibreElec kodi version 17.1 and the addon works as specified. I manually imported my ovpn files, then it prompted for the password for my user key and then connected. It is working..yay!

i downloaded zomboided repo on a USB stick and inserted it in my fire tv. When I tried to open the zip file on kodi, the romboided repo cannot be found on the USB but I can see the zip file when I plug it back to my MacBook. Does this mean that the file is not supported by kodi

Am upgrading my RPi2B 1GB running LibreElec 9.2.6 / Kodi 18 to a new RPi4 8GB. Attempted installation of LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-10.0.1.img.gz; installation went fine however I could get NO addons, skins, anything at all to load once Kodi 19 was running. Every attempt resulted in 'installation failed' error. Messed with various settings to no avail. Eventually tried loading LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-9.2.8.img.gz. This older version LibreElec (w/ Kodi 18) worked flawlessly. Anyone else had this situation Is there an easy fix (Go easy on me as I am not well versed in system level programming so step by step instructions would be appreciated . As a part of the troubleshooting steps I took, I downloaded / installed Kodi 19 with a different operating system and everything worked. So, the issue is only with the LE10.0.1 / Kodi 19 combination. Thank you in advance.

- Due to this issue I can't download subtitles within kodi anymore and place them next to the video file in the network directory. Also when you search for a subtitle within kodi you normaly see the video file name beneath the grid with found subtitles. That is not the case anymore due to the fact that the file name is always 'stream.'. So I never know which subtitle could match my video version. 153554b96e


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