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Phillauri Hai Hd 720p

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Phillauri Hai Hd 720p

in the end, phillauri was a film that is easy to watch but hard to forget. you start off loving kanan and shahrukh khan but by the end you are completely rooting for them. its an intelligent film with a romantic plot that is well directed and executed. its an interesting film for all.

its hard to explain what sets phillauri apart. it has a sort of charm and beauty all its own that is hard to find in any other film. its premise is simple but the execution is stellar. the music is a treat to the ears, the cinematography gives a romantic feel and the direction is just amazing. the script is well written, without any unnecessary ideas, and the acting is top notch. however, it fails to maintain the momentum, and there is no chemistry between suraj and mehreen. the second half of the film comes across as a blend of sindoor and tashan without any originality. the last twenty minutes of the film lose its charm and originality.

the fine line between being a smart romantic comedy and a dated love story is a thin one. and phillauri sometimes gets it right and sometimes not. sure, its not a perfect film, but its a rare love story where the chemistry between the lead pair is natural and even though it takes place in two different eras, the story is universal. the film is an entirely different experience for someone born after the 1980s.

the folk tale of phillauri, a girl from the phillaur region of punjab, is an old one, as old as the hills of punjab. however, phillauri makes it fresh and believable. it is the love story of roop lal, a girl from the village, and shashi kumari, a young couple who come to the city to be united. but it also portrays the passage of time, the changes that have happened in the city and the society, and the tumultuous journey of meeting and parting. for a film about a woman and a girl, phillauri is a refreshing change. the future shashi knows, the country has changed, technology has taken over, and yet, she still comes back. 3d9ccd7d82


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