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Waze Navigation

Waze (/weɪz/; Hebrew: ווייז), formerly FreeMap Israel, is a subsidiary company of Google that provides satellite navigation software on smartphones and other computers that support the Global Positioning System (GPS). In addition to turn-by-turn navigation, it incorporates user-submitted travel times and route details while downloading location-dependent information over a cellular network. Waze describes its application as a community-driven initiative that is free to download and use.

Waze offers turn-by-turn voice navigation, real-time traffic, and other location-specific alerts. Waze encourages users to report traffic or road hazards through incentives such as acquiring points for their profiles.[29]

In March 2017, Spotify announced its partnership with Waze to give an integrated experience where Wazers could play music on Spotify directly from Waze app and get Waze directions on Spotify app on the Android platform. Six months later, the feature was made available on the iOS platform.[35][36] In May 2017, Waze introduced the ability for users to record their own voice navigation prompts.[37]

In 2014, Rio de Janeiro started collecting data for its traffic management system. Rio collects real-time data both from drivers who use the Waze navigation app and pedestrians who use the public-transportation app Moovit. Rio was also talking to the owners of cycling app Strava to monitor movements of cyclists. It was noted that though initially the data the apps were sharing was all anonymous, more specific identifying details were possible, if people agreed to being monitored through their smartphones if they saw benefits for them.[50]

While tunnel segments gather data like any other road segment, navigation through tunnels is complicated by poor to absent GPS reception and/or cell phone data connections. The Waze servers track each Wazer as they enter and exit each segment along their route, calculating the average speed of Wazers through that segment. This allows the Waze servers to determine whether the tunnel traffic is flowing normally, even when GPS tracking information within the tunnel is absent. However, if a jam occurs within a tunnel where traffic cannot reach the other end to relay this information or if a tunnel has multiple segments / junctions within the tunnel, Waze may not be able to detect a slowdown of traffic.

Some roadways through tunnels include forks or exits to other roads inside the tunnel. Creating these junctions is done the same as with any other junction. As described in the section above, the GPS tracking and navigation may make it difficult to know exactly where in the tunnel that turn truly exists. In the case of junctions, it is more important to be more accurate in the estimate of the actual roadway fork or exit so the navigation instructions match the roadway as closely as possible. Street View can be a great help here if available.

Tunnel places can serve as a routing destination and as a landmark label on the map. As destinations, these places allow users to navigate to a tunnel entrance or to add the tunnel as a stop during navigation to get a preferred route. As a landmark, a tunnel place is represented by a label and polygon on the map to help users orient themselves relative to the rest of the map or identify which tunnel they are traversing.

Google Maps is all about data, with years of data to fall back on, while Waze relies more on crowdsourcing. It also offers a uniquely agressive approach to getting you from place to place. Despite this the difference between the two services can be pretty subtle, so when it comes down to Google Maps vs Waze which navigation app is best

Google Maps is your traditional navigation app. You punch in a location, and it will find a way to get you there, no matter how you plan on doing it. You could walk, drive, cycle, or take the bus, and Google Maps has something to offer. Google can even alert you to obstacles or traffic along the way, and give you the option of taking a different path.

Customization is a very small part of what both apps can do, but if you want to better express yourself through your navigation app then Waze is the way to go. Likewise Waze is the best option if you want to mix things up and swap out the boring default voice.

Halloween is nearing and everyone seems to be ready to spook or get spooked. Besides the usual Google Doodle for the occasion, a good number of apps run weeks-long special events to mark the occasion. And speaking of Google, Waze is one such app. It's apparently been bitten by the spirit of the season, zombifying its navigation experience to give you company while trick-or-treating.

Google Maps has always been the gold standard for GPS navigation on smartphones. However, over the last few years, Waze has definitely caught up to the competition. Every now and then, we also meet people who have admittedly used Waze as much as they use Google Maps.

Directions and navigation options have good contrast for better visibility, and the navigation screen has just the number of buttons that you need. A neat little touch is that the app interface automatically turns into dark mode as you drive in a darker environment, say a tunnel or an underpass.

But Waze has quite a few amusing features. While Google Maps has icons for your car on the map, Waze takes it up a notch with a lot more fun options for the same. Next is the football commentary feature, where the voice-guided navigation is in the form of a football commentary and we wish the product management team at Waze gets a raise. It is quite funny and is great to set you in the mood for the upcoming world cup.

I was waiting for a comparison actually, but I am disappointed. I dont know about your settings, but my google maps uses reall time traffic information and suggests me a faster route at any stage during the trip. More important, it lets me choose if I want actually change to the faster route or stay on track. I believe to remember that I can even do my settings whether I prefer if I am not reacting on the new situation. This feature is crutial to me. Plus you can chose your route based on your preference, i.e. economy, by entering your type of transportation (I am driving a hybrid car), and it guides you more on medium speed roads, even they might be slightly longer both in time and distance, but less fuel consuming, i.e. no stops due to traffic lights. I dont think that any other navigation app can do this wide range of useful features, rather than playful things like voice or car icon (btw also googlemaps has different icons). Thanks, keep up the good work. Pascal

Waze is a different kind of GPS navigation system. It uses data generated by its users to map cities, provide real time data about traffic patterns, alert users to accidents and police checkpoints, and even identify the cheapest places to buy gas or local shopping deals.

Waze users collect real-time data that drivers can use to get as quickly as possible to their destination, while avoiding potential snafus. The value of the platform increases with each additional user and requires a certain minimum number of users for it to be fully functional. To date, about 13 countries have been fully mapped, while others are still being brought up to date and modified by users. This operating model, having users do the legwork that is involved in mapping countries, allowed Waze to avoid the infrastructure costs associated with starting a traditional GPS navigation system. Users receive value by being able to use the service free of charge and benefit from the wealth of data the app generates.

Google purchased Waze in June 2013 in order to improve its GPS navigation system, Google Maps. Google and Apple (another rumored potential buyer) had long been entrenched in a war over their respective navigation systems. This was perhaps most evident when Apple launched a new iPhone that conspicuously did not have Google Maps pre-installed, as was the case in previous versions. For this reason, the acquisition of Waze in many ways can be seen as a defensive action. It also opens up the door for Google to use the technology in ways that may not currently be scope. For example, Google has been developing its Google Cars which benefit from Waze technology by connecting to other Google Cars on the road to provide valuable data about traffic, the speed and location of other cars, and other pertinent information that will lead the way for autonomous vehicle technology.

Generally, Waze gives you the quickest and most efficient route option available for your navigation. However, if you specifically want to avoid toll roads or other conditions, the app gives you options to change your road and navigation preferences. In this wikiHow, learn about the preferences you can change to make your navigation a little less stressful.

Besides basic mapping information, Apple Maps and Google Maps offer additional features that deftly expand the navigation experience. For a long time, Google Maps contained far more cool extras, but Apple Maps has caught up and applied a more thoughtful approach to some Google features.

This is where your Waze sound settings reside. You can toggle the sound alerts on or off here, as well as choose your voice directions. Tap on Voice directions to choose a different voice for navigation.

Probably the most fun part of this: Now you get to choose the voice to give you directions. The options are always changing, as Waze features different celebrities at different times. Right now, you can get navigation directions from Christina Aguilera or Boy George, for example. Or choose the Terminator, a boy band, a '90s pop star, or an '80s aerobics instructor, just to name a few. 59ce067264


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