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Horosoft Professional Edition 4.

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Horosoft Professional Edition 4: A Powerful Astrology Software for Professionals

Astrology is a fascinating and ancient discipline that studies the influence of celestial bodies on human life. Astrology can help us understand ourselves better, as well as our relationships, career, health, and destiny. However, astrology is not a simple or easy subject to master. It requires a lot of knowledge, calculations, and interpretations to make accurate and meaningful predictions.

That's why many professional astrologers, astrology bureaus, and research scholars rely on Horosoft Professional Edition 4, a software that is specially designed for Indian Vedic astrology. Horosoft Professional Edition 4 is based on the Hindu system of astrology, which is one of the oldest and most comprehensive systems in the world. Horosoft Professional Edition 4 provides accurate calculations, flawless predictions, and various graphical worksheets based on different branches of astrology, such as Parashari, Nadi, K.P., Lal Kitab, Jamini, and more.

Horosoft Professional Edition 4 has many features that make it an ideal choice for professional astrologers. Some of these features are:

It can generate horoscopes for individuals, couples, and businesses with detailed analysis and remedies.

It can perform match-making for marriage compatibility based on various criteria and methods.

It can provide daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly zodiac predictions for all 12 signs.

It can calculate various dashas (planetary periods) and transits (planetary movements) and their effects on the horoscope.

It can display various charts and tables, such as shodash varga (16 divisional charts), ashtakvarga (8 point system), friendship table (planetary relations), panchang (almanac), etc.

It can customize the options for language (English or Hindi), ayanamsa (precession of equinoxes), house system (placidus or equal), etc.

It can print horoscopes in various formats and styles.

It can export horoscopes to PDF files or web pages.

It can update itself automatically with the latest data and features.

Horosoft Professional Edition 4 is compatible with Windows XP , Windows Vista 32/64 , Windows 7 32/64 , Windows 8 32/64 , Windows 10 32/64. It is available for purchase online at You can also get a free online horoscope and match-making service at

If you are looking for a reliable and advanced astrology software that can help you with your professional or personal needs, Horosoft Professional Edition 4 is the one for you. It is a software that combines the wisdom of ancient astrology with the convenience of modern technology. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!

Another benefit of astrology is that it can help you make better decisions. This is because astrology can provide guidance and understanding to help you see different aspects of a situation more clearly. For example, if you are facing a career choice, astrology can show you the strengths and weaknesses of each option, as well as the timing and consequences of your actions. Astrology can also help you identify your goals and values, and align them with your true purpose and potential.

Astrology can also help you improve your relationships with others. By knowing your own and others' astrological profiles, you can gain insight into their personalities, preferences, motivations, and needs. You can also learn how to communicate better, resolve conflicts, and appreciate differences. Astrology can help you find compatible partners, friends, and colleagues, as well as avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and clashes.

Finally, astrology can help you enhance your well-being and happiness. Astrology can reveal the best ways for you to take care of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It can also suggest remedies and solutions for any problems or challenges you may face in these areas. Astrology can help you discover your passions and t


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