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Pop Smoke - Top Of The Drill (clip Video)

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"Dior" is a song by American rapper Pop Smoke, originally released on July 26, 2019 by Victor Victor Worldwide and Republic Records as a track from his debut mixtape Meet the Woo (2019). It was later released as the third and final single from the tape on February 11, 2020. A drill and hip hop song, it was written by Pop Smoke alongside producer 808Melo. "Dior" was later included on Pop Smoke's second mixtape Meet the Woo 2, along with a remix featuring fellow American rapper Gunna. The original version appeared again on Pop Smoke's posthumous debut studio album Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon (2020), then finally once more on the deluxe edition of its follow-up Faith (2021).

Pop Smoke co-wrote "Dior" with 808Melo. 808Melo produced and programmed the song. Jack Baxter and Vic Wainstein were the song's recording engineers; and Jaycen Joshua, DJ Riggins, and Mike Seaberg mixed the song with assistant mixer Jacob Richards.[10] "Dior" is a drill and hip hop song[11][12][13][14] with production that makes use of a bass wobble, Hi-hat, and violin sample that is reversed and chopped up.[15][16][17] August Brown of the Los Angeles Times pointed out the lines "Tell my shooters call me FaceTime/For all the time we had to face time" are about gun-play.[18] Alphonse Pierre from Pitchfork said the song is about the frustration of seeing a friend being jailed, the fun of flirting and buying fashionable clothes, and the "sobering reality" of knowing it could end unexpectedly.[19] In the words of The Buffalo News' Abby Monteil, Pop Smoke shows his love for buying his girlfriend expensive gifts from brands like Dior,[20] while Heran Mamo from Billboard magazine wrote that Pop Smoke boasts about the finer things in life he can buy.[21] For the song's remix, Anthony Malone, writing for HipHopDX, stated that Gunna raps about "his favorite denim jeans from Mike Amiri, Ricky Owens and Valentino. He also mentions his favorite sports cars and designer watches".[22]

After gaining popularity worldwide, the song was remixed by many international artists including Ghanaian rapper Kwesi Arthur, and UK drill rappers Skeng and Perm.[72] In particular, IDPizzle's "Dior" cover, titled "Billie Jin (Dior Remix)", became a viral success after being featured on the app Triller.[73] Within a month, the remix had attracted the attention of UMG/Virgin UK, and IDPizzle announced had signed a recording contract with the label.[74] The official remix of "Dior" features American rapper Gunna and was included on the deluxe edition of Pop Smoke's second mixtape Meet the Woo 2.[8][75] The "Dior" remix was ranked the third-best song of 2020 up to July by The Ringer,[76] and Tidal included Gunna's verse on its year-end playlist for the best guest verses of 2020.[77]

"Gatti" is a song by JackBoys, and American rappers Travis Scott and Pop Smoke from Travis Scott's and the JackBoys' compilation album, JackBoys (2019). The song was written by Travis Scott, Pop Smoke, 808Melo, Axl, and Peter Klapka. 808Melo handled the song's production, while Axl was credited as a co-producer. A drill song, it sees Travis Scott rap about American model Kylie Jenner and why they broke up. Many critics lauded Pop Smoke's inclusion in the song.

Musically, "Gatti" is a drill song.[8][9][10] Ryan Reed of Rolling Stone commented that the track is a "woozy, percussive song".[11] Pop Smoke delivers a few "okay, okay" and "woo" adlibs.[12] Travis Scott raps: "Duck away, she wanna lay up and hibernate/I took a chance, it's a lot to take."[13][14][15] Many writers considered that the lyrics allude to his former girlfriend Kylie Jenner and why they broke up.[13][16] Jess Cohen of E! Online stated "Travis' lyrics could be noting Kylie's chose to 'hibernate' while he's busy performing all over the world".[16] Carolyn Twersky of Seventeen commented that the lyrics are "most likely about Kylie and her expensive taste".[17]

Fred Thomas of AllMusic described "Gatti" as a "bravado-heavy banger".[6] Wri


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