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In April 2018, the inspection interval for 380 Package C Trent 1000s was reduced from every 200 flights to every 80 to address durability problems, as the EASA should be followed by the US FAA, reducing ETOPS from 330 to 140 minutes and impacting trans-Pacific flights.[28]On 17 April the US FAA confirmed this ETOPS reduction.[29]On 19 April, the EASA issued an Airworthiness Directive stating "occurrences were reported on RR Trent 1000 'Pack C' engines, where some IPC Rotor 1 and Rotor 2 blades were found cracked. This condition, if not detected and corrected, could lead to in-flight blade release, possibly resulting in reduced control of the aeroplane."[30] EASA inspection rates are increased but ETOPS are maintained.[citation needed]

lts mod menu cracked 18


In March 2018, Rolls conservatively limited single engine operating at maximum continuous power to 140 min, leading regulators to restrict ETOPS.Only one engine failed among over 100 showing small cracks, one-third of the suspect population of 366 engines, as crack develops slowly.On the ground at Derby, an instrumented Trent 1000 with cracked rotors ran 10 h at maximum continuous power with no crack propagation, and was then mounted to Rolls' 747 testbed aircraft in mid-September to confirm it is not a high-cycle fatigue problem to ease ETOPS restrictions.Flights should begin at the end of September off the California coast, it will be run at FL120 and maximum power like a single engine ETOPS diversion, to be followed by cold weather tests in Alaska.[43]By December, the number of grounded engines were still high, and was to improve significantly over the first half of 2019.[44]Following EASA and FAA approval from, a redesigned IP compressor blade design was installed on the Package C Trent 1000 from January 2019.[45]

Once the serial console connection resumes, you'll see a countdown counter at the left top corner of the serial console window. Press the ESCAPE key to interrupt your VM at the GRUB menu.

For more information about how to configure the GRUB_DEFAULT variable, see SUSE Boot Loader GRUB2 and Ubuntu Grub2/Setup. As a reference: the top level menuentry value is 0, the first top level submenu value is 1, and each nested menuentry value starts with 0. For example, "1>2" is the third menuentry from the first submenu.

To boot the system over the most recent kernel version, follow the instructions in Change the default kernel version manually, but select the first kernel listed in the GRUB menu. In a manual modification, you could set the GRUB_DEFAULT value to 0 and regenerate the corresponding GRUB configuration file.

The standard Java GUI toolkit has a hard-coded list of "non-reparenting" window managers. If using one that is not on that list, there can be some problems with running some Java applications. One of the most common problems is "gray blobs", when the Java application renders as a plain gray box instead of rendering the GUI. Another one might be menus responding to your click, but closing immediately. 350c69d7ab


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