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Vmware Workstation 7.1 Serial Key


Vmware Workstation 7.1 Serial Key

Snow Leopard 10.6.5 runs fine in vmware Player (the free desktop version of vmware Workstation). This is running on a vista i7 with VT enabled in the bios. VM configured to use a singular core with 1GB ram. Use this procedure:

I spent the $30 for the OSX install CD (10.6.3 then updated when installed) and although the procedure above is for Workstation, the interface differences for Player are pretty obvious. Biggest issues were the networking and screen resolution. The former is resolved, the latter is stuck at 1024x768. Since I only use the VM for reference and experiment, it's not a big deal. Allusions were made to kernel panic issues, but it's been stable on this end. The only other change I made was a bit of organization. The procedure above uses a stub VM to get things going, but the virtual disk is set up as 20 files at 2GB limits. I combined these with the vmware-vdiskmanager.exe tool (from a free vmware server install on a different machine) for a single vdisk file. Just for neatness.

Hi everybody who has helped with coding this patch(s). I aplogize ffor beating this horse once again - but I am running Ubuntu 11.04 kernel 2.6.37-8 ( the latest I can fiond) on a workstation and a server - both in multiboot configurations. I particularly want to get VM WS 7.1.3 working on teh server platform in order to convert a guest from VMware to Hyper-V virtual machines. The Workstation also has a Windows 7 OS and I can upgrade my openSUSE and Fedora "Rawhide" to this level of kernel.

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