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[S9E1] 18 Chefs Compete

[S9E1] 18 Chefs Compete :::

[S9E1] 18 Chefs Compete

Eighteen new aspiring chefs dare to brave the heat of competition when Chef Gordon Ramsay opens the doors to a new season of HELL'S KITCHEN. The chefs must prove they have the skill, passion and dedication as they compete for the grand prize of a Head Chef position at BLT Steak in New York City. In the first team challenge of the season, Chef Ramsay asks the contestants to prepare their signature dish and splits the chefs into two teams: men vs. women. The winning team gets a taste of the sweet life when they wine and dine with Season Eight winner Nona Sivley at L.A. Market, while the losing team is left behind to scrub down the kitchen in preparation for their first dinner service. Following a sobering announcement moments before the grand reopening of HELL'S KITCHEN, tempers flare when the teams struggle to communicate effectively and the slow service forces diners to walk out before their entrees are served. Find out which contestant gets burned following the most disappointing opening dinner service.

With just 16 chefs remaining, the tension among the contestants becomes palpable as Chef Ramsay pits the red team against the blue team in another intense challenge. The winning team celebrates in high style while the losing team is left behind to fulfill drab duties. During dinner service, both teams struggle to cook their dishes properly and on time, and the contestants' lack of cooperation and efficiency sends Chef Ramsay over the edge.

With just 15 chefs remaining, Chef Ramsay pits the red team against the blue team in another intense challenge. The winning team celebrates in high style while the losing team is left behind to fulfill drab duties. Tune in to see which contestants are on the chopping block

After the contestants get a brief night's sleep, sous chefs Scott and Andy show up with overalls and boots for the contestants to use in the next challenge. They all go downstairs, where Chef Ramsay explains today's test. Each team must create four chicken dishes, but before retreating to the kitchen they must determine what they will be working with. For every live chicken they catch and deposit into a cage, they can retrieve an ingredient from a list including such items as bleu cheese, pickles, and grits.

The remaining 13 chefs start a new day greeted by Chef Ramsay and the sight of a chemistry lab in the kitchen. Chef Ramsay introduces two guests who bring science and food together: Ben Roche and Homaro Cantu from Chicago's Moto Restaurant. In 45 seconds they make a dreamsicle sorbet using sound waves and liquid nitrogen.

With just 12 chefs remaining, Chef Ramsay pits the red team against the blue team in another intense challenge. The winning team celebrates in high style while the losing team is left behind to fulfill drab duties. Tune in to see which contestants are on the chopping block.

Following a difficult elimination in the previous episode, the teams return to the dormitories. The Blue Team is determined to win a service, having lost the last challenge. In the meantime, Krupa is celebrating the Red Team's win by relaxing with a few drinks. The next morning the chefs are up and ready to go, but Krupa is in a world of pain. All of the contestants then meet Chef Ramsay in the dining room. He asks them to create something delicious from a table of ingredients that includes grains, fruits, and oils. After hearing a few of the contestants' ideas, he introduces them to his guests, beer sommeliers Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune. The competitors are told to prepare individual dishes using one or more types of beer. Chef Ramsay has designed the challenge to test the chefs' creativity and their ability to make a well-balanced and delicious dish using a unique element. Krupa's night of celebration is catching up with her, and she's not performing at her best. Since the women have six chefs to the men's five, they are told to drop one dish, and they choose Krupa's rabbit.

With just nine chefs remaining, Chef Ramsay pits the red team against the blue team in another intense challenge. The winning team celebrates in high style while the losing team is left behind to fulfill drab duties.

The 7 remaining chefs visit New York City, where they tour BLT Steak (the future home for the winner) and take bites of the Big Apple's cornucopia of ethnic foods. Their challenge when they return to Hell's Kitchen: prepare ethnic dishes themselves. For the winners it's a day at the beach, while the losers must prepare for dinner service, at which both teams have difficulty with sea bass. When it's over, Chef Ramsay cuts the field to six.

6 chefs remain. The team challenge: prepare three dishes in 30 minutes. The winners go shopping while the losers prep for the dinner service, a black-tie gala benefiting American Cancer Society and the American Humane Association.

With five chefs remaining, the competition intensifies as each chef must prove to Chef Ramsay that they have the sharpest skills, unwavering determination and utmost passion to survive HELL'S KITCHEN. After another intense challenge and grueling dinner service, the chefs face one of the most intense eliminations to date.

Eighteen new chefs were brought to the Orpheum Theatre, where they walked onto a stage behind a curtain with their covered platters bearing their names and the sounds of an audience cheering and chanting could be heard. But after an announcer introduced the chefs, the curtain opened to reveal an empty theatre. Chef Ramsay appeared and reminded them they were not stars yet and announced the prize was a "head chef" position at BLT Steak in New York City. He then told the chefs to return to Hell's Kitchen and cook their signature dishes.

Team challenge/signature dish: The women (red team) competed against the men (blue team), and had 45 minutes to prepare their signature dish, judged by Ramsay. Will's sheep's milk gnudi scored over Carrie's chicken fried ribeye (as she put sugar in the mashed potato she used), Amanda's eggplant rollatini and Brendan's salmon both scored a point, Jennifer's pork scored over Jonathon's "punch-drunk" chicken (he was even threatened with elimination on the spot after he revealed to Ramsay that he used canned pineapple slices for his dish and claimed he had "limited time"), Paul's eggplant involtini scored over Krupa's stuffed naan (Ramsay called her dish "Crapa"), neither Jamie's lamb lollipops nor Steven's seared diver scallops and mushroom risotto earned a point, Elise's scallops scored over Chino's dish as he used too much miso, Monterray's sea bass and Natalie's lamb both scored a point, as well as Elizabeth and Tommy's dishes, and finally Gina's pan-roasted pistachio scallops lost to Jason's pork tacos as the scallops were burnt on the top. The men won 6-5.

Service: In the men's kitchen, Chino was scolded for asking Ramsay to repeat an order, Steven served appetizers for the wrong table, and Monterray brought garnish for the entrées before a single appetizer was served. However, thanks to Will taking control, the team managed to send out appetizers. On entrées, Chino was sent to the chef's table for the rest of the night for burning cod. Steven then took over but overcooked scallops and Ramsay also sent him to the chef's table for arguing that he thought they were cooked. Ramsay sent Tommy there as well after he boiled scallops. Additionally, despite Jonathon and Paul cooking meat perfectly, they couldn't serve it because Monterray was late on garnish, then Brendan burned potatoes (the latter was also seen sitting at the chef's table later that night despite not been shown being kicked off the station). In the women's kitchen, Elise shouted over Ramsay while he was calling out an order and then served soupy risotto, prompting Krupa to take over, resulting in the women successfully serving appetizers. After Carrie overcooked scallops, Elise attempted to take over but neglected her responsibilities at the appetizer station; Ramsay sent Elise to the chef's table for the rest of the night. Thanks to Krupa's strong performance on meat, the women were able to serve some entrées. After customers began leaving, Ramsay shut the kitchens down. Ramsay declared the women winners for at least serving entrees, and the men were ordered to nominate two chefs for elimination.[note 2]

Team challenge: The chefs worked in pairs to grill four pieces of meat to Ramsay's standards in 20 minutes: a medium rare New York strip, a medium ribeye, a medium well filet mignon, and a well-done burger. Jennifer, Gina and Elizabeth formed a trio, while Will worked alone. Each team would earn one point per piece of acceptable meat. For the women, Amanda and Krupa scored 4, Elise and Carrie scored 1 due to their friction, Jamie and Natalie scored 3, and the trio scored 2. For the men, Jonathon and Brendan scored 2, Tommy and Chino scored 3, while Paul and Monterray scored 2. However, Will achieved a perfect score of 4, giving the men an 11-10 win.

Team challenge: The chefs were woken up by a troupe of clowns and sent to take in a delivery of naan bread. Ramsay welcomed 50 children and their mothers for a special "Mommy and Me" service. Each team served quesadilla and macaroni for the children and panini (made from the naan bread) for the mothers. In the blue kitchen, Natalie led her new teammates strongly, with the only issue being Jonathon sending up a panini with too little chicken. Jamie burnt quesadilla and was berated for sulking, while Elise and Carrie argued throughout the challenge. Both teams got to the last ticket, but the blue team narrowly won their third straight challenge.

Team challenge: Chefs from the Moto restaurant in Chicago demonstrated how to make an orange sorbet using oranges, a sound wave generator liquid nitrogen. The chefs then had 45 minutes to make six protein dishes using only fire and water, with Ramsay and the Moto chefs judging. Since the red team had an extra member, they made two prawn dishes before choosing Elizabeth's over Carrie's. The only dishes to score belonged to Jennifer, Will, Gina, and Paul, tying the score at 2. Ramsay declared the blue team winners, as he preferred Carrie's dish over Elizabeth's and nobody noticed that Krupa mistook filet mignon for veal. 59ce067264


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