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98 Malibu Ls Water Pump

1.) Coolant leaks - common areas for this leak are the water pump and the lower intake gaskets - caused by the gm dexcool coolant that when not flushed (rec: 24000 miles 24 mo.) can become acidic and eat away at the gasket material. (open radiator cap with cold engine and notice gel around radiator neck, that is not oil, but dexcool that has become acidic) if your car is out of factory warranty have this flushed and replaced with a regular ethylene glycol green antifreeze. look on front and rear of engine block and you can see where the coolant leaks from the gaskets. good fel-pro gaskets and a switch to green takes care of this issue.

98 malibu ls water pump

I guess I'm not alone, I have a 98 lemon, and it was a great car for about a year. That's when my a/c decide to work whenever it felt like it, the ABS light use to come on from time to time now it always on, for some reason my E-brake lights is on, took it to a mechanic and couldn't find any reason for it to be on. Had to re-wire the fuel pump because there's a short somewhere. My brake lights last about a year before they burn out. I gave up on the brakes and just replace the pads and rotors once a year, I've replaced the intake gasket twice and it's leaking again. I only drive 10 miles a day, can't imagine how bad it would be if I drove more. This car is killing me financially but I can't afford to go out and buy a new one, wish I could sell it but couldn't with a clean conscious. My wife has a 1993 Toyota with 210,000 miles and hasn't any repairs except a speed control sensor and CV boot.

Stop by J&M Transmission & Auto Service in Tea, SD, if you suspect your water pump is dying or you have another cooling system problem. We are a full-service auto shop ready to keep your car, truck, or utility vehicle safe and reliable.


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