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Coach Carter Torrent

Coach Carter is based on a true story of Richmond High School basketball coach Ken Carter (Samuel L Jackson) who made headlines in 1999 for benching his high school basketball team due to poor academic results.The film is not really about basketball that is just a backdrop. It is more about Ken Carter who becomes head coach of his old high school, where the players are rude, disrespectful and ill disciplined.Carter makes them each sign a personal contract regarding training, discipline, attendance and school grades. Although a disciplinarian the team has an unbeaten run and turns around the lives of their players even though some in the school and many of the parents are unhappy with his methods.I guess I would loath to have Ken Carter as my coach but in this movie with its assortment of High school misfits that are straight out of ghetto casting, it works.Samuel L Jackson has enough charisma and likability for you to invest in his character. The film is enjoyable enough, the music blends well with the urban drama and there are a few future stars in early roles in this film.

Coach Carter Torrent

Successful sporting goods store owner Ken Carter (Samuel L. Jackson) accepts the basketball coach job from his mentor at his old high school. It's a poor underachieving school. He forces his kids to sign a contract to maintain academics. He calls the kids 'sir' as a sign of respect. It's a struggle with the kids, but it's even more of a struggle with the adults. It climaxes to a point where coach Carter locks out the players when they don't maintain their academics.This is all a very earnest after school special. Coach Carter is a saint beyond reproach. The thing that I wish for is an early ally for Carter. It seems that everybody especially the adults are piling on. Even if true, it doesn't make for a compelling story. It's overkill. An ally could create more complex relationships in the adults of the movie.The other thing I noticed is that the movie reaches its climax around the lockout. The games after the lockout don't have much drama. The movie is about the lockout, not about any championships or game winners.

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The soundtrack to Coach Carter, a drama starring Samuel L. Jackson as the hard-line coach of a high-school basketball team, is much like that of many other soundtracks for major movies released since the early '90s. The track list reads like a mix of up-and-coming artists, big names dusting off B-quality material, and a handful of tracks that no one recalls hearing in the movie. (In fact, just over a third of the songs on this disc have nothing to do with the movie at all, apart from stylistic kinship with what does appear.) Many of the selections for artists included are very timely, since the likes of Ciara, Kanye West, Fabolous, Twista, and Chingy were all incredibly popular at the time of the movie's early-2005 release. By no means is the disc a throwaway -- Red Café's "All Night Long," the Game's "Southside," Ciara's "Roll Wit U" (if nowhere near as brilliant as "Goodies" or "1, 2 Step"), and West's over-a-year-old "Wouldn't You Like to Ride" (originally heard on a 2003 release from collaborator Malik Yusef) are significant standouts -- but a number of other tracks will resonate only with those who can place them in the context of the movie. Strange: Ashanti, who plays pregnant girlfriend number one in the movie and released a new album in late 2004, does not kick in with a contribution.

Ken Carter wordt ingehuurd als basketball coach in een arme school in een achtergestelde buurt van Los Angeles. Carter regeert met ijzeren hand zijn team en laat alle spelers een contract tekenen dat eisen stelt aan hun stiptheid, discipline en schoolprestaties. Met goede cijfers maken de jongens een reële kans op een studiebeurs om in een universiteit te geraken. Als ze niet aan die eisen voldoen, mogen ze niet spelen, wat Coach Carter veel kritiek en tegenstand bezorgt. Met discipline wil hij zijn team laten winnen, zowel op het veld als in de schoolbanken ...

Het downloaden van Coach Carter is ontzettend makkelijk. Vroeger was je aangewezen op virusgevoelige torrent-sites, maar tegenwoordig zijn er legio legale alternatieven. Daarbij heb je vaak de keuze tussen downloaden en streamen. Downloaden heeft als voordeel dat je Coach Carter ook kunt bekijken als je geen internetverbinding hebt.

Er was een tijd, lang geleden, dat je op zoek moest naar torrents om een movie online te downloaden. Dat is al lang niet meer zo. Er zijn tegenwoordig legio goede, veilige alternatieven voor het bekijken of downloaden van Coach Carter. Handig, want die torrents hebben niet alleen als nadeel dat ze illegaal zijn, maar ze kunnen ook nog eens virussen met zich meebrengen. 350c69d7ab


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