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The Very Best Of Daryl Hall John Oates Rar

A pair of Todd's own songs from his two bands bookend the release: The Nazz's crunchy, enduring classic "Open My Eyes" (1968) and Utopia's original version of the uplifting "Love Is the Answer" (1977), a top ten hit in England Dan and John Ford Coley's subsequent rendition. Rundgren's influences, from the soul tunes of his native Philadelphia to Broadway, operetta, The Beatles, and The Who, crop up in unexpected corners of his production discography, but what's more obvious is how he more often than not brought out the best in his "clients" and collaborators with sonic clarity and a visceral immediacy. These tracks all bear his stamp but one would be hard-pressed to say that they sound similar to one another, a testament to his keen sense of what was right for a particular artist at a particular time. The hallmarks of musicianship and songcraft, however, are consistent from track to track.

the very best of daryl hall john oates rar



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