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There's nothing prickly going on with this super soft organic cotton baby rattle toy. Hand-made in Peru by local craftsmen, this beautiful cactus will delight nature lovers of all ages. The cactus has a happy face and gentle rattle that will convince anyone who sees it to GO GREEN!

Sam Brown: Incredible tacos, seriously, get one of each. Steak, chicken, pork, cactus... find out what the Especial is too! Fresh pressed tortillas, guac included, and lots of accompaniments on the bar.

Spencer Vairo: The vegan options are incredibly delicious and a must when eating here. I can now cross grilled cactus off my list of foods to try before I die. Friendly service and tasty margaritas too!

Village Voice: Try the cemitas-sandwiches on round seeded rolls traditionally made with cactus pulp but Sietsema's fave is milanesa res, a razor-thin beef cutlet similar to Texas chicken fried steak, only thinner.

Image courtesy of Brooklyn Floral Delight Eating a real cactus plant might not be advisable, but the cactus plants you get at Brooklyn Floral Delight are incredibly edible. The New York bakery has mastered sugar, frosting, and food coloring to create edible cacti, succulents, and flowers in cupcake form. 59ce067264


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