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It will be appreciated by those skilled in the art that the relatively open construction of the enclosure of the label dispenser 10 allows for quick and simple removal and insertion of label rolls 30. The rolls 30 are simply removed or inserted into the open trough 22 between the separating bar 40 and the top of the trough 22. No disassembly of any portion of the label dispenser 10 is required for this operation. Furthermore, rolls 30 of varying widths are easily accommodated by the label dispenser 10. A roll 30 of any width may be placed into the open trough 22 and a divider 36 may be placed next to the roll 30 and clipped in place on the divider rod 32. The next roll 30 may then be placed into the trough 22 next to the first divider 36, and a second divider 36 placed on the other side thereof. This process may be repeated until the label dispenser 10 is full. The free ends of the backing paper 50 of each of the rolls 30 are then threaded over the separating bar 40 as illustrated in FIG. 2. After these simple operations are completed, any of the labels on the rolls 30 may be quickly and easily dispensed by simply pulling down on the free end of the appropriate backing paper 50. If at any time it is desired to replace a roll 30 with a different roll, the roll 30 is easily removed from the label dispenser 10, and a new roll inserted in its place.

Polyboard 4 Full

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A further feature of the label dispenser 10 are the holding members 51, 52, and 53 which extend around three sides thereof. The holding members 51 and 53 are mounted to the end walls 12 and 14, respectively, by means of countersunk screws 54 extending through spacers 56. The holding member 52 is coupled between the members 51 and 53. The members 51-53 are provided for mounting a trash receptacle (such as a plastic trash bag) thereon, therefore the distance that the member 52 extends away from the label dispenser 10 is determined by the size of trash receptacle 58 which is desired to be mounted upon the label dispenser 10. The total circumference of the label dispenser 10 at the location of the members 51-53 should be just slightly smaller than the circumference of the opening of the trash receptacle 58. In this way, the trash receptacle 58 may be slipped over the label dispenser 10 from below, and the top edge thereof folded over the members 51-53 as illustrated in FIG. 2. In this manner, the trash receptacle 58 will be held securely in position. With the trash receptacle 58 so positioned, the free ends of the backing paper 50 of each of the rolls 30 will fall into the trash receptacle 58 as each of the rolls 30 is consumed. Because the trash receptacle 58 automatically collects the used portions of the rolls 30, it is not necessary for the operator to continuously tear off the free ends of the backing paper 50 and dispose of these free ends. Collection of the refuse produced by the label dispensing process is therefore automatically accomplished by the label dispenser 10. When the trash receptacle 58 becomes full, it is simply removed from the members 51-53 in a reverse process, and is replaced by a new trash receptacle 58.

The various components of the adhesive label dispenser 10 may be constructed from any convenient materials. For example, if the adhesive label dispenser 10 is to be used in the food service industry, such as in a meat department, then it is important that the construction materials meet the sanitary requirements of the environment of use. In such an application, it is preferred that the trough members 24 and 26 be formed from a food digradable polyboard such as that available from ASN Plastics, of Indianapolis, Ind., the screws formed from stainless steel, and the remaining components formed from aluminum.

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