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How To Buy Oil Wells In Texas

How To Buy Oil Wells In Texas >>>>>

How To Buy Oil Wells In Texas

Orphaned wells are inactive, non-compliant wells that have been inactive a minimum of 12 months and the responsible operator's Organizational Report (Form P-5) has been delinquent for greater than 12 months. Operators desiring to take over these wells must have an active Organization Report and, upon request, provide a good faith claim to operate the wells.

Any operator who successfully acquires an orphaned well, acknowledges responsibility for the regulatory compliance of the wells they are acquiring and for the proper plugging of the well(s) pursuant to 16 Texas Administrative Code 3.14 (Statewide Rule 14) through their signature on the Form P-4. Additionally, the acquiring operator assumes responsibility for the physical operation and control of the wells, and acknowledges that they will remain designated as the responsible operator of record until a new operator designation is approved by the Commission.

In New Mexico, several bills have been filed in the last decade to increase the maximum bond amount producers must secure. One 2015 law required a special bond to be posted for wells that have been inactive for longer than two years. At the federal level, Congress is currently considering bills that would increase bond amounts for wells on public land and provide stronger protections for landowners when leases change hands between producers. According to the Government Accountability Office, plugging wells on federal lands can cost anywhere between $20,000 and $145,000 per well. Cleaning up all 2.1 million unplugged abandoned wells across the United States could cost as much as $300 billion.

The Commission will have to track down more than 1,800 operators likely to abandon wells. A large number of those wells are concentrated in the hands of a few operators. The top 20 operators identified by our model will be responsible for 10 percent of abandoned wells. These operators skew younger and have been in business in Texas for about a decade on average.

The price of oil is a strong indicator of potential well abandonment. When prices dipped below $50 per barrel, abandonments of oil and gas wells soared. The Energy Information Administration projects West Texas oil prices will hover around $50 per barrel this year and drop slightly to $49 per barrel in 2022. Any lower and Texas may see a sudden increase in abandoned wells.

Laxson thinks the chances of another well being cleaned up on his property are slim and is treading gingerly with Maverick. He even performs small repairs on the wells himself, tightening valves on pipes.

While studies on groundwater contamination from abandoned wells are few and far between, the research available points to a fairly widespread problem. A 2011 report from the Ground Water Protection Council, a nonprofit group run by state regulators, found that about 15 percent of all instances of groundwater contamination recorded by the Railroad Commission between 1993 and 2008 were a result of oil and chemicals migrating from orphaned wells.

Together with our partners for more than 10 years, we have decided to offer 20 units for sale in this package consisting of 4 active oil wells, which together have a daily production of 45-50 barrels/oil.The wells have a good history of stable production and there are still good amounts of reserves...

We have a very unique opportunity for an investment into a proven well and 2 new drilling opportunities. Unfortunately one of our long time investors passed away and his family would like to sell his working interest ownership into several wells. We have up to a 50% working interest to offer. The well...

Local operator with almost all production in Winkler County. Only has about 30% of wells active, 60% in curtailment with valid leases and production equipment, remaining 10% have been deemed "liability" or re-workable. Proven reserves, huge upside on curtailment alone. Currently making around 40 bpd...

10 leases, 790 acres with 26 s


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