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during that same period, however, the player strike of 1994 saw the upheaval of the baseball season. this should not have had any affect whatsoever on the game, other than the obvious, but it came as a big surprise when the playing of the 1994 world series itself was denied to fans by major league baseball.

you all know that the invention of the strike zone is an even bigger problem for hitters and pitchers than the dh. there were umpires for the first seven decades, who became better and more complete over time. the dh, invented in 1973, remains the same mostly, and is nearly as ridiculous as it was originally.

major league baseball and minor league baseball are owned and run by mlb, inc. under the rules of major league baseball, all teams are completely independent from one another. they may trade players, but the teams are the same all over the country.

a number of league records were set in the new equipment, and players were stunned at the amount of pop and power they received with the new bats. in time, the power surge that began in the early to mid 1990s became known as the "bat bug" and saw players chasing shiny new bats in the batter's box, and players -- in the dugout and on the sidelines -- using wooden bats to change out those used on the diamond.

on july 1, 1994, the strike officially ended, when every member of the players union signed a multi-year contract, ending the strike. the game resumed on schedule the following day with a single game between the american league and national league champions. most of the players on both sides were eager to get the game started, but there were still a few issues that needed to be resolved before the regular season could begin. 3d9ccd7d82


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