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How to Get a Full Version of StarUML for Free

How to Get a Full Version of StarUML for Free

StarUML is a popular software for creating and editing UML diagrams. It has many features and supports various formats. However, it is not free and requires a license key to activate the full version. If you are looking for a way to get a full version of StarUML for free, you may be interested in using a staruml license key generator.

staruml license key generator


A staruml license key generator is a tool that can generate a valid license key for StarUML. There are different methods and sources for getting such a tool, but some of them may be illegal, risky, or outdated. In this article, we will show you a safe and easy way to get a full version of StarUML for free using a staruml license key generator.

Step 1: Download and Install StarUML

The first step is to download and install StarUML from its official website: You can choose the version that suits your operating system and follow the instructions to install it. After installation, you can run StarUML and check its features. However, you will notice that some features are locked and require a license key to unlock them.

Step 2: Modify LicenseManagerDomain.js File

The next step is to modify a file called LicenseManagerDomain.js that is located in the StarUML installation folder. This file is responsible for validating the license key that you enter in StarUML. By modifying this file, you can bypass the validation process and make StarUML think that you have a valid license key.

To modify this file, you need to open it with a text editor such as Notepad or Visual Studio Code. You can find this file in one of these paths depending on your operating system:

  • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\StarUML\www\license\node\LicenseManagerDomain.js

  • Mac OS: /Applications/

  • Linux: /opt/staruml/www/license/node/LicenseManagerDomain.js

Once you open this file, you need to replace its content with the following code[^1^]:


(function ()

"use strict";

var NodeRSA = require('node-rsa');

function validate(PK, name, product, licenseKey)


name: "sontd",

product: "StarUML",

licenseType: "vip",

quantity: "unlimited",

licenseKey: "no, thanks!"


function init(domainManager)

if (!domainManager.hasDomain("LicenseManager"))

domainManager.registerDomain("LicenseManager", major: 0, minor: 1);


"LicenseManager", // domain name

"validate", // command name

validate, // command handler function

false, // this command is synchronous in Node ("false" means synchronous")

"Validate License",


name: "PK", type: "string", description: "PK",

name: "name", type: "string", description: "name of license owner",

name: "product", type: "string", description: "product name",

name: "licenseKey", type: "string", description: "license key"



name: "result", // return values

type: "object",

description: "result"



exports.init = init;



After replacing the code, save the file and close the text editor.

Step 3: Enter License Information in StarUML

The final step is to enter the license information in StarUML. To do this, open StarUML and go to Help > Enter License. You will see a dialog box where you need to enter your name and license key. You can use any name you want, but the license key must be exactly the same as the one you have written in the LicenseManagerDomain.js e0e6b7cb5c


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