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Roxio Toast Titanium Serial Number


My Toast Titanium 6.0.3 [serial number is TSID 7091 4875 9751] is no longer capable of operating properly. Two recent attempts to use it failed to verify correctly and now it is simply reporting 'You cannot open the application "Toast 6 Titanium" because it may be damaged or incomplete'.My last few attempts to record a data disk it did not offer the option of encryption and password protection, which is important to me as the producer of many books and journals which are the copyright of their authors or editors.I almost certainly have any disks that it came on (unless it was bought online and came as a download package) but most of my library and possessions are still unpacked due to me being over 80 and incapable of shifting stacks of heavy boxes.When I put these problems to Corel Customer Support I received the helpful reply: As much as I wanted to help you, we do not have any back up installer for Toast 6. I have checked every link on my end and I can't find Toast 6 installer. We cannot also offer an upgrade since your MAC OS is not compatible to the newer version of Toast. My best advice is to go to our Roxio forum site and create a thread for it. Hopefully someone has still a copy of Toast 6 which they can share."

So lets say that you pushed that zone today and when you went back to make an additional change, you accidentally added an additional number to your serials and instead of 201101211 you ended up with 2201101211.

To to reset your serial number, update your zone file with the serial number listed above and push it out to the slaves. Then change your zone files serial number back to the correctserial number, which will be considered to be greater than the magic number above. Then push dns again. 153554b96e


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