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a software engineering process is a set of procedures for planning, organizing, and controlling the process of developing software. a software engineering process typically includes a series of stages, starting with a set of requirements and ending with a set of tests. during the development process, the stage is marked by a task or an activity to be completed. some processes use a task board that allows the entire process to be seen from a high level.

an engineer is a person who has special knowledge in a specific field of software development, engineering, or technology. a software engineer is responsible for designing, developing, and testing computer software. they specialize in software solutions to specific problems. engineers are often required to have a good understanding of how the software will be used and how it will fit into the overall system.

a software developer writes computer programs to solve specific software problems. software developers are often responsible for bringing a new idea or concept into being by building a functional system, such as a website, or by programming a computer with new functionality, like a motion-controlled light. in this sense, a software developer is a creator of programs and systems.

a software development lifecycle (sdlc) is a framework for managing the development of a software project. it includes the phases of requirements gathering, design, coding, testing, and deployment. in addition, the lifecycle includes a number of activities that support the success of the project. examples include design reviews, code reviews, and project management. 3d9ccd7d82


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