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Download Whip 110235


Download Whip 110235

More and more the room looks tidier. The slaves are cleaning and on top of that Lady Missy is observing that with a whip in her hand. In between time she is spitting on the floor and give the command to lick it up. Then the Ladies likes to try out the faces of the slaves as a seat.

I'm sitting in the kitchen and call for the slave - who has to get on his knees in front of me. I bite off a piece of banana, chew it and then spit it on the ground. He has to lick the pre-chewed banana right off the floor. Next I spit a chewed piece of banana right into his mouth. Another piece is crushed under my dirty boot sole and fed to him from there. In the end he has to lick even more chewed banana and spit from the ground as I whip his back and ass with a belt. That's how losers deserve to be fed! 59ce067264


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