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In 1992, a Manhattan grand jury voted to indict David Leventhal for the 1978 murder of Avram Dawidow. At Leventhal trial, the judge barred any witnesses who were accomplices or witnesses to the crime on grounds that their testimony would be perjurious. On August 25, 1993, the judge declared a mistrial and on August 26, 1993, the grand jury voted to drop the case. In 1999, Judge Neil M. Slomsky ruled that the 1985 death of a man named Herbert Buder was a homicide, and that Mr. Leventhal was guilty of first degree murder. The case went to trial again in 2000. Mr. Leventhal was the only person charged in this case, but chose to go to trial alone.

Kennedy was convicted of the 1995 capital murder of Barrie, a Romani (Sinti) woman, who was shot during a robbery. She was only one of two Romani victims that were murdered by white Americans in 1995. The jury rejected Kennedy and sentenced him to death. Despite having alibis and witness testimony, Kennedy was convicted on the basis of an overturned search warrant and testimony from a witness for Kennedy who confessed to the crime. After many continuances, Kennedy was resentenced to life in prison after his conviction was overturned in 2003. He is an only child and his mother, Fern, said she lost hope after 19 years in prison.

Alexander was found guilty of the 1985 murder of Edward and Adolphine Mitchell and sentenced to death. Mitchells bodies were found with multiple stab wounds, asphyxiation and extreme trauma to the head. The only eye witnesses testified against Alexander and there were no physical evidence linking him to the murders. After a series of appeals and acquittals, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the convictions. After the Supreme Court rejected a bid by Alexander to pursue a temporary stay of execution, he was executed by lethal injection on October 12, 1996. (Alexander v. Caputo, 771 F. Supp. 107 (N.D. Ill. 1991)). 3d9ccd7d82


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