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Igor Sibaldi Libro Degli Angeli Pdf 39 ((LINK))


Igor Sibaldi Libro Degli Angeli Pdf 39 ((LINK))

Discover Your True Self with Igor Sibaldi's Book of Angels

Do you want to learn more about your authentic self, the one that is celestial and connected to the divine Do you want to know how to listen to the messages of your angels, who are guiding you and empowering you Do you want to transform your dissatisfaction into achievements and happiness

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might be interested in reading Libro degli angeli (Book of Angels) by Igor Sibaldi, a renowned Italian writer, slavist, playwright and translator. In this book, Sibaldi draws from ancient traditions, especially the Jewish and Egyptian ones, to present a new vision of the "guardians of life": the angels. He explains how to recognize them through their correspondence with the calendar. Day by day, you can learn about the 72 angels, their character, their dangers, their relationships and their famous representatives.

Sibaldi does not tell the reader about the angels of the classical iconography, winged bearers of light, but about the angels that correspond to the categories of his destiny. He reconstructs the foundations of this science and explains how to apply it in practice: how to understand your own angels, how to interpret the courageous choices that each angel poses to his protÃgÃs, how to decipher your dissatisfaction and turn it into conquests.

Libro degli angeli is a daily guide to discovering your true self: the celestial one. According to the ancients, angels were messengers of Heaven and those who knew how to listen to them received energy and instructions. Today we would use another language to say it: our mind has extraordinary potential that can guide us and transform our life.

If you are curious about this book, you can find it in PDF format online. Just search for "Igor Sibaldi Libro Degli Angeli Pdf 39" and you will find several links to download it for free. However, if you want to support the author and his work, you can also buy a hardcover or paperback copy from Amazon or other online bookstores.

In this article, we will give you a brief overview of some of the angels that you can find in Sibaldi's book. Each angel has a name, a number, a date of birth, a quality, a defect, a mission and a gift. You can use this information to identify your own angel or the angel of someone you know.

Vehuiah is the first angel and he is born on March 21st. He is the angel of willpower and initiative. He can help you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. His defect is impatience and impulsiveness. His mission is to create new things and his gift is enthusiasm.

Jeliel is the second angel and he is born on March 22nd. He is the angel of love and harmony. He can help you to restore peace and balance in your relationships. His defect is jealousy and possessiveness. His mission is to heal conflicts and his gift is loyalty.

Sitael is the third angel and he is born on March 23rd. He is the angel of fidelity and truth. He can help you to be faithful to yourself and your values. His defect is stubbornness and pride. His mission is to protect from evil and his gift is honesty.

Elemiah is the fourth angel and he is born on March 24th. He is the angel of travel and adventure. He can help you to explore new horizons and discover new possibilities. His defect is restlessness and escapism. His mission is to inspire curiosity and his gift is courage.

Mahasiah is the fifth angel and he is born on March 25th. He is the angel of wisdom and learning. He can help you to acquire knowledge and skills. His defect is arrogance and intolerance. His mission is to teach and share and his gift is intelligence.

These are just some examples of the angels that you can find in Sibaldi's book. There are many more to discover, each with their own personality and purpose. By reading this book, you can learn more about yourself and your potential, as well as about the people around you and the


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