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Klotzen Panzer Battles

Maps vary from 200 to over 1000 km in scale divided in hexes (15 km in size). Armies consist of historical mix of 500+ unit types divided in 22 different unit classes including infantry, tanks, artillery, fighters, bombers, submarines, battleships and more.

Klotzen Panzer Battles

Those 600 unit types are divided into 22 unit classes -- including infantry, tanks, fighter planes, bombers, submarines, battleships, and more -- which can all be used in dynamic military campaigns, allowing you to change the course of history.

I was also a bit irritated by the fact planes needed to refuel only after couple of days and also could fly some 200km per day. The same problem was with ships, with ship battles taking days instead of hours. And I thought I would like to play game with more scenarios, with proper supply system that allowed battles on encirclement and with as realistic air and naval battles as possible. So in a least original business idea ever, I decided to make a game I would like to play =) 041b061a72


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