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resident evil 4 currently has two multiplayer modes: survival and versus. the survival mode pits two teams against one another, and the goal is to survive as long as possible against waves of zombies, and the winner is whoever lasts the longest. this mode is often the starting place for most resi 4 multiplayer matches. the versus mode pits two teams against each other, and the goal is to kill the other team's player as much as possible. this is the most common mode for multi-player matches. the settings on the survival mode have a survival setting, where there is no time limit and a time attack setting, where the player has a time limit to survive in a given amount of time. the versus mode has a survival setting and a deathmatch setting, where the players can kill each other at any time.

resident evil 4 has a variety of different weapons, and a few of them are only available for use in the survival mode, while others can be used in either of the multiplayer modes. the player's weapon is often shown to the right of the screen in the hud, with the weapon's name, current health, and power level displayed.

the sub-machine gun, knife, and shotgun are available for any multiplayer mode in resident evil 4, though the sub-machine gun, machine gun, and shotgun can be equipped in any weapon slot. in fact, the sub-machine gun, machine gun, and shotgun can be equipped in every weapon slot. this allows the player to alternate between them when needed, and it gives the player access to each of them in all multiplayer modes.

resident evil 4 hd remaster is a remake of capcom's classic horror game resident evil 4 and comes in both a windows and playstation 4 version. as the player takes on the role of the new protagonist leon s. kennedy, he must continue the game's story, as well as fight off hordes of undead that have taken over raccoon city. resident evil 4 hd remaster was released in january 2017, and the windows version was released on steam in march 2017. 3d9ccd7d82


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