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Celine Maxima

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Methods: We used the most common method for pre-treatment analysis, which consists of the acidification of bulk sediments followed by several rinses with deionised water. We investigated the effect of acid type (hydrochloric and acetic acid), and also acid strength (from 0.2 to 10 mol.L-1 ) on the δ13 Corg , δ15 N, TOC, TN and C/N values of three samples from the Gulf of Lion. Two of them (S.304 and S.102) were deposited during glacial maxima (i.e. high sedimentation rate, low porosity and high terrestrial inputs) whereas S.157 characterizes interglacial conditions (high porosity, high foraminifera content, low sedimentation rates and low terrestrial inputs). 59ce067264


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