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Download Process Lasso (NEW UPDATE) - Increase ...

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Download Process Lasso (NEW UPDATE) - Increase ...

Process Lasso is a useful tool with which you can use to help improve performance, stability and responsiveness of your personal computer. It can also be used to monitor active processes and the resources they are using.Although Process Lasso may be considered as an addon to Windows Task Manager, it is not a replacement for it. It adds adds new features to things you can already do with the task manager.The program can detect processes that are using too many resources at any given time and can limit them temporarily to help the system regain its original performance level.You can also automatically terminate unwanted processes, apply default priorities to particular applications each time you start or keep a log of all running processes.Features of Process LassoAdvanced Rules: Allows creation of custom rules to optimize system performance. Automated Power Savings: Automatically temporarily disables CPU cores to save power. CPU Core Parking: Automatically parks CPU cores when not in use. CPU Restriction: Limits the maximum usage of each CPU core. Event Logging: Logs all system activity for easy review. GUI Automation: Automates common tasks with the click of a button. Multi-User Support: Allows multiple users to use the tool simultaneously. Multicore Optimization: Utilizes all available CPU cores for increased performance. Persistent Optimization: Automatically applies and maintains user-defined settings. Priority Class Promotion: Automatically elevates priority class of critical processes. Priority Optimization: Dynamically adjusts process priorities and CPU affinity in response to user-specified rules. ProBalance: Prevents system-wide performance degradation. Process Protection: Protects critical processes from termination. Restart Scheduling: Schedules application restarts to improve system performance. System Responsiveness: Improves system responsiveness even under heavy load. Compatibility and LicenseProcess Lasso is provided under a freeware license on Windows from memory optimizer software with no restrictions on usage. Download and installation of this PC software is free and is the latest version last time we checked.

This application will simply initiate a load upon all system CPU(s). CPU Eater was created for testing Process Lasso's ProBalance technology. However, it can be used to test anything for the effect on overall system responsiveness.Usage instructions:* Download and run the above link appropriate to your operating system (32-bit or 64-bit)* It will automatically start the CPU Eater control application for you* Press the START button to initiate the test in a background process running at NORMAL priority* If you PC seems to freeze because Process Lasso's ProBalance is not active, WAIT and everything will return to normal after the test terminates in a minute (or however long you specified). We also temporarily increase the priority of the control application so that you will hopefully be able to press the STOP button to terminate the background process that is hogging CPU cycles. Of course, if Process Lasso is running and ProBalance enabled then you won't have this problem.

Features of CPU EaterAutomation: Automate benchmarking tasks to save time. Battery Life Testing: Measure how long your device can last on battery power. Comprehensive Reporting: Generate detailed reports of your system performance. Customizable Dashboard: Personalize your Dashboard to quickly access information. GPU Benchmarking: Evaluate system graphics performance. Memory Benchmarking: Measure the speed of your system's RAM. Multi-core support: Utilize multiple processor cores for increased speed. Network Benchmarking: Evaluate Internet connection speed. Overclocking: Tweak your hardware to increase performance. Real-time System Monitoring: Keep track of hardware performance in real-time. Real-time Temperature Monitoring: Monitor temperature of your hardware in real-t


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