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Magic 2014 Enter The Dracomancer Deck Key Serial Number

Introduction:Magic 2014 is another iteration in the annual franchise based on the trading card game Magic the Gathering. As with many annual games, there is not a lot of difference between the yearly editions. The primary difference between 2013 and 2014 is the Archenemy mode was removed and Sealed mode was added. Sealed mode provides you with a VERY limited ability to make your own decks, which is a feature that has been asked for since the first MTG game came out on the arcade, but is sadly quite restricted at this time with very few cards available.Abbreviated Walkthrough:If you have played one of the previous games, you will be rewarded with the ability to completely unlock one deck, which will unlock "Spellbook Complete" (you can easily unlock this later if you have not played any of the other Magic games). There are also a large number of promo codes available here that each unlock five cards in every deck. Note that they will unlock cards in decks you don't own as well, so feel free to use them early. As of the release of the first DLC, this can cause "Explorer Mage" to not unlock in the same save file, although there is a work around.Start with the Single Player Campaign and work through it unlocking decks. Doing this will unlock "Defeat Ramaz's Ally", " Secrets of the Dimi r", " Recover the Scrying Shard ", " Worthy Adversary ", "Acquire the Silver Fossil" , and " Chandra's Ally" at a minimum, although it is quite possible to unlock a variety of others as well. Any time you unlock a deck by winning a Planeswalker Duel (every fifth scenario is a Duel instead of an Encounter) you will want to make sure you win a battle with that deck. Most of the campaign sections are designed to be easily beat with the deck you unlocked in the previous section, so that is easy to do.Once the Campaign has been conquered, run through the Challenge mode following the guide for "Super Sleuth." They generally all have one and only one solution, but the guide has step by step walk-throughs for each one.Next step is the Sealed Campaign. You start out with only a few cards and create your own custom deck. Completing the Sealed Campaign unlocks "Maestro of Sealed".Multiplayer:None of the achievements require multiplayer, although a lot of them are much easier with a willing opponent, and grinding through 75 games and countering 25 spells is much faster with an opponent.Mop-Up:Check the guide for your remaining achievements. Some just come from playing games, others require a bit of work, but the guide has great detail where needed.

Magic 2014 Enter the Dracomancer Deck Key serial number


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