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Descent: Road To Legend - The Delve Crack !LINK! With Full Gamel

The discovery convinced Od Nua that he was right and that all the atrocities committed thus far were a necessary sacrifice. The research continued under Cabiros' auspices, even as Gabrannos continued his twisted experiments with captive Engwithans and the elemental forges, while a master artisan by the name of Idros tackled the seemingly impossible task of creating a vessel capable of housing Maros Nua's soul. Combining soul magic with Engwithan skills in shaping and growing adra, he carved a mighty titan in Maros' likeness, using a statue as reference. Construction and research continued side by side for years, with Od Nua's wizards eventually mastering animancy: They could determine the precise manner in which a soul would crack and shatter, carefully place a fragment from one into another, and ultimately achieve immortality (or a close approximation thereof) by binding the soul to the body after it dies. Cabiros tested the procedure on himself after perfecting it on captive subjects of Od Nua, but soon discovered that the body still decomposed. In order to stay alive, he needed to feed on the essence of living people or adra. He perfected the spellwork, allowing the rest of his cabal to transition to fampyrhood, preying on Od Nua's subjects.[5] 1e1e36bf2d


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