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Each type of credit card we offer is suitable for a different purpose. For example, our travel credit cards might be suitable for your spending at home and abroad, but a balance transfer card could help you to bring other credit and store card balances into one place. creditcards


Although they usually offer lower credit limits and higher interest rates, by using one of these credit cards, staying within your credit limit and keeping up with your repayments, over time your credit score could improve. Eventually, you could switch to a credit card with lower and longer lasting interest rates.

At Halifax, you can request a balance transfer from most credit cards and store cards which display the Mastercard, American Express, or Visa logos, but not from loan companies, bank accounts or other Halifax credit cards. Transfer fees may apply.

In addition to interest, fees and charges can add to the cost of borrowing. Fees might apply to some transactions, including balance and money transfers, cash advances and non-Sterling transactions. Annual fees could also apply to some credit cards.

You can request a balance transfer from most credit cards and some store cards which display the Mastercard, American Express or Visa logos, but not from loan companies, bank accounts or other Halifax credit cards.

What is a credit score? When you apply for any type of borrowing, including credit cards and loans, lenders consider a number of factors to assess the risk of offering you credit.

1. What do you need a credit card for?Most credit cards are created with a specific use in mind, such as card purchases or balance transfers, although some offer benefits on more than one transaction type.

You might find the APR, or Annual Percentage Rate, useful when making quick comparisons between credit cards, but make sure you read through all details carefully to understand all borrowing costs, including credit card fees and charges.

Halifax are a credit card provider.Typical interest rates on credit cards are 9% and can be as much as 40% Apr.If you miss a payment or exceed your credit limit with Halifax you could incur high charges making credit cards a costly way to borrow.We often get interest and charges frozen with credit card companies meaning the reduced payments you make actually clear your debts quicker.

Mr&Mrs R contacted InControl through an online enquiry when they became extremely overcommitted with credit cards such as Halifax after their income reduced.We got all of their accounts under arrangements and stopped any further interest and fees being applied.This year our client's circumstances improved and we were in a position to offer short settlements to all of their creditors.This was extremely successful with discounts of up to 50% saving them a huge sum of money.

Want to find a credit card? Don't want to affect your credit score? One Check shows you our credit cards that you're eligible to apply for. You'll be able to see the rates and offers you could choose from and your estimated credit limit straight away.

Choosing the right credit card can be tricky. Which one is right for you depends on your borrowing needs, and what your individual circumstances are. If you need more help understanding what that means, you might find our credit cards help and guidance section useful.

The deregulation of the financial services industry in the 1980s saw the passing of the Building Societies Act 1986 which allowed societies greater financial freedoms, and diversification into other markets. Accordingly, the Halifax acquired an estate agent to complement its mortgage business. It also expanded by offering current accounts and credit cards, traditionally services offered by commercial banks. In 1993, it established a Spanish subsidiary, Banco Halifax Hispania, mainly serving British expatriate mortgage customers.

In February 2009, Halifax made significant changes to its current accounts. From then, all new standard current accounts had zero credit and debit interest, along with no paid and unpaid item charges (which were previously up to 35). Halifax has replaced their basic 'Easycash' account with the 'Basic Account'. They have no unpaid charges and replaced all Visa Electron cards with Visa Debit cards. They also align themselves with all other Halifax current accounts with an increased ATM daily withdrawal limit of 500. Instead, all overdraft-eligible Halifax 'Standard current account' customers pay 1 per day for being overdrawn by up to 1999.99 within an arranged overdraft, and 2 per day for up to 2999.99 and 3 per day for over 3000.00. For unarranged overdrafts the fee is 5 per day. Credit interest has been replaced by a 5 net payment every month if customers abide by the terms of the 'Reward current account'. These changes were implemented to all current account customers (except student accounts) from December 2009. These changes caused a great deal of media attention at the time of the change,[11] with Martin Lewis and consumer magazine Which? urging Halifax customers to keep their accounts in credit wherever possible, or consider moving their accounts to an alternative bank, in response to the new charges.[12][13]

Hi Frithwood yes you do learn something everyday, I didn't realise the rate offered was the "sell rate" I just knew it was poor. I don't have a Clarity card but I have always been offered, and had to decline, a conversion rate by every ATM I have ever used in (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g)document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);)(function()ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-93667627', '');, 'log_autolink_impression');Thailand with all three of my (MasterCard debit) cards to get the MasterCard rate. It is not something you are likely to forget or not notice though so maybe there is something different about the Clarity (credit card?).

As I said I just don't know maybe it is because it is a credit card as one of my debit cards (Starling bank) is the same with no foreign currency charges but I still get asked the question on the dynamic conversion. I only use it in ATMs if I need some cash outside Banking hours as I use it for over the counter withdrawals normally to avoid the ATM charges (only started doing that the last two trips).

Like most UK credit cards, our range of cards offer 56 days interest free credit on purchases if you pay your balance (and your previous month's balance) in full and on time each month. That means if you want to make a large purchase, for example a holiday or a new gadget, a credit card could be a good way to help you buy now and spread the cost.

We want to make managing your credit card simple and safe. If you have misplaced your credit card, you can lock and unlock it in the app. You can also use the app to request a PIN reminder or unblock your PIN. This feature applies to Mastercard credit cards only.

Our ratings of the best credit cards to use abroad are compiled by independent research and ratings agency Fairer Finance. It constantly monitors the credit card charges, fees and perks of every provider in the market to help you choose which is best for your needs.

Credit cards also tend to be safer to use abroad. If your debit card is hacked or stolen while away, then the money in your account is at risk. This is not the case with a credit card as only the money up to your credit limit is at risk.

We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you need to exchange it for the same item, send us an email at and send your item to: Harveys of Halifax9 Rawson Street Halifax HX1 1LJ.

And this is more likely given the country's deepening economic woes. "If I was made redundant tomorrow and went into a bank and asked for a loan, I would almost certainly be declined because I didn't have an income," said Mr Black. "However, if I had credit cards I could continue to spend and rack up debt without the provider being any the wiser. This makes credit cards riskier and in this environment this is being reflected in the cost and moves such as that taken by the Halifax."

It seems that after a relatively brief period where mortgage, loan and credit card rates have been heading down and lending criteria loosened a little, providers once again are nervously watching the economy. Halifax's decision to tweak its 0 per cent offer according to applicants' credit worthiness is only one sign of this. "Increasingly we are seeing providers offer cards only to existing customers," said Mr Black. "That way they have much more information about the applicants' finances and this enables them to much more easily assess risk."

If you miss making at least the minimum payment on your credit card by the due date, you could be subject to a late fee. Not all cards will charge you for a late or missed payment, but if you have a card that does, it can add an extra sum to your balance. If you have late or missed payments, your credit score will likely be impacted.

Robin Saks Frankel is a credit cards and personal finance writer for Forbes Advisor. Previously, she covered credit cards and related content at other national web publications including NerdWallet, Bankrate and HerMoney. She's been featured as a personal finance expert in outlets including CNBC, Business Insider, CBS Marketplace, and has appeared on or contributed to Fox News, CBS Radio, ABC Radio, NPR, International Business Times and NBC, ABC and CBS TV affiliates nationwide. Follow her on Twitter at @robinsaks.

Check in advance to see if your bank at home has a branch near LSE, or if they have a special relationship with a bank in London. If you plan to transfer money into your new account, remember that transferring funds will depend on your home bank's procedures. This can take more time than you expect. Discuss this with your home bank before you leave and remember to bring sufficient funds, such as cash, travellers' cheques or credit cards to cover any delays. To ensure your safety always avoid travelling with large amounts of cash. 041b061a72


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