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The Animal Flow for Martial Arts and Combat Sports (MACS) multimedia book provides a complete guide for the novice or advanced martial artist to successfully integrate this ground-based movement system. Over 230 pages, the 9 chapters cover topics including the science of energy systems, strength and conditioning, injury prevention, and 4 chapters dedicated to specific martial arts practices. More than 170+ videos provide detailed tutorials for each of the techniques, as well as drills, interval training, and full workouts. This book is ideal for you if you are ready to level up your MACS performance.

You'll receive the book in PDF format. The best way to read it is to download it to your computer or tablet, and open it in Adobe Reader (available for free). You can also open it in other reading programs, including Preview or any software made to read PDFs.

The book is designed to be applicable to all kinds of martial arts and combat sports, including both striking and grappling variations. Many of the chapters address underlying elements that are universally helpful to training in martial arts, such as energy systems, strength training, and injury prevention. There are also some chapters that discuss applying Animal Flow practice to specific disciplines, such as Kung Fu, Karate, Boxing, and BJJ. Many of the techniques, drills and workouts provided in those specific chapters have a high carry over to other MACS styles.

No, Animal Flow has not expanded to include martial arts. This book is about how to use Animal Flow to improve your MACS training and performance. We'll leave your fight-specific training to you and your coach!

Many "movement" disciplines can look similar, since they all incorporate some elements of "flow" while moving your body through space without using equipment. However, just as all rock bands are not the same, not all movement disciplines are the same. Animal Flow utilizes a specific set of movements, taught in a specific way with their own techniques, rules, and intentions. While it shares a visual quality of "body movement" with some other disciplines, Animal Flow is a unique program. It does not have any martial arts or combat components, and does not draw upon any of those areas.

You will see an influence of breakdancing in many of the movements. Recognizing that breakdancing itself draws upon a long history with roots in African dance, salsa, Capoeira, and other disciplines, Animal Flow can visually bring some of those disciplines to mind. However, Mike Fitch had no direct training in martial arts or yoga when designing Animal Flow and thus makes no claims to incorporating those schools into the program. Rather, he gives credit to the coaches he had in breakdancing, parkour and gymnastics in providing him with the basis for developing the Animal Flow program.

We understand that many individuals working as coaches or instructors in martial arts fields may not have an accredited fitness credential, as many martial arts systems operate differently. Therefore, for individuals coming from martial arts fields who wish to become Certified Animal Flow Instructors, we will instead look at your experience as an instructor. It is not enough to be a high-level practitioner in your field - you will need to have at least two years experience working as a coach or instructor. Contact us if you have questions about your qualifications.

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