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Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) is a professional organization for registered dietitians. The website has information about the latest nutrition guidelines and research and can help you find a dietitian in your area. The academy also publishes The Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, which has over 600 pages of food, nutrition, and health information.

Although this sandwich is ideal to make with Thanksgiving leftovers, you don't have to wait until Turkey Day to whip it up! Cranberry sauce, creamy avocado, and a bit of crispy bacon come together with turkey on whole-grain bread for a filling sandwich that reminds you exactly why Thanksgiving foods are forever a favorite.

The typical fast food meal of a burger, fries, and a drink can easily add up to a whole day's worth of calories. That's a nutritional (and weight control) recipe for disaster. The burger alone at many fast food joints can pack between 1,000-2,000 calories, particularly when loaded up with extra patties, bacon, and cheese.

Through my search for a histamine intolerant treatment, I gained the knowledge to combine the info I found into a step-by-step, actionable plan which solved my histamine intolerance for good.It took months of work to develop, and several more months to put those interventions into practice.But, what I noticed, was that each step of the way I was able to eat more and more foods, while experiencing less and less symptoms.I felt better and I could tolerate more foods until, eventually, by following the steps I had created, I was able to eat everything again without symptoms.I was able to stop worrying about my diet and stop being afraid of social events. I was able to start going to my favourite restaurants again (sushi nights every Friday!) and start eating my all-time favourite treat - chocolate - all while experiencing no reaction.The whole process from becoming histamine intolerant to healed was a long one.Seeking out a histamine intolerance treatment while being turned away by medical doctors was discouraging.And, doing my own research on histamine intolerance treatments didn't feel much easier.It has now been several years since recovering from histamine intolerance and, since then, I have helped thousands of people across the world to do improve and eliminate their symptoms for good!Everything you need is laid out in step-by-step videos within the How I Solved My Histamine Intolerance Course. 59ce067264

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