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SocksEscort 2.2.5 !!LINK!!

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The program most likely delivers a proxy server in response to a web browsers request to access (an Internet address commonly used by SocksEscort service providers) or The server sends its visitors requests to a bank of other proxy servers. In turn, this set of proxies sends the traffic back to the server hosting the intercepted content.

The header Cookie=3FkTW86zJJMJU99vBnBkda0G5jr21JSnD0Xi7sIWdER2YG2YX_oqedPYWm4aJEcGT_LVlwHYleYnve0aCRKLE8%3D; domain= is used by SocksEscort to track the pages that its visitors view.

SocksEscort is an automatic, browser-based proxy software that masks the origin of a users web browsers requests to outbound websites. Anyone using SocksEscort is sending web traffic through the anonymization technology that its developers supposedly use to secure the anonymity and security of web users.

A SocksEscort configuration file named socks_escort.ini is used to operate the proxy server on the Internet. The following is a portion of the content found in this file that is relevant to this discussion.

If a user on the Internet inputs the URL then the SocksEscort software should prompt the user to enter a specific URL. The SocksEscorts web_proxy command allows for the arbitrary specification of the URL that should be intercepted. The output of the command can be used to test the proper functioning of the software. 3d9ccd7d82


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