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Rubber Ninjas Game


rubber ninjas game - rubber ninja is a throwback to the simple days of old-school nes-style action gaming. the game features simple controls that are easy to learn, but once mastered, are extremely satisfying and addicting.

lately ive made a lot of progress at rubber ninjas. ive always been mostly interested in the technical side of making a game, and during the last few months im really been focusing on the gameplay. thats the fun part. it was always an idea that we wouldnt make a one-hit-wonder game, but we have to admit that we are at the point where we would like to just make a game thats fun and maybe we will make a couple of more games from time to time in the future (based on the experiences we have made so far).

the idea of a not-so-serious fighting game with ragdolls was born in 2005, when i first saw the movie mortal kombat. at the time, i thought to myself, hey, why not make a fighting game and that was how it all started. the game was originally designed to be a fighting game, but was turned into a 3d ragdoll game. it was fun to play, but it was also fun to make, so i started making rubber ninjas with the intent to make a lot of games in the future. i guess my old ideas came back, i thought to myself, i should really make a fighting game now.

when i started to make rubber ninjas, i was still making a lot of movies at that time. so, i made a video and showed it to a few people, and they seemed to like it. i made a few more videos and showed them to a few more people, and they liked them a lot too. by that time, i had already made a few other 3d ragdoll games. so i thought, well, i can just try to make a game like that. so i started to make rubber ninjas. 3d9ccd7d82


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