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Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! Movies [UPDATED] Full Hd 1080p

Con man movies have been seen many times, from DO AUR DO PAANCH, SHAAN(1980) to KHEL(1991) and the much recent BUNTY AUR BABLI, BLUFFMASTER, EKEH(2005) This film however seems realistic in comparison to the overblown BUNTY AUR BABLI which was too childish and overratedThis film revolves around a real thief called PLUCKY who used to rob things.etc The film doesn't follow the usual non stop entertainment style but goes in a subtle and zany modeThere are several well handled scenes like Abhay's interaction with Goga Bhai, the initial 15 minutes back story and several moreThe film does dip in the second half when things get repetitive but the twist is well handled and the film ends on a nice noteThe best part is many parts are believable and the characters too seem lifelike but the ease at which he keeps robbing seems unbelievable at timesDirection by Dibakar Banarjee is very good Music is goodAbhay Deol does his role full justice, he is a true natural Nice to see him try unconventional roles Neetu Chandra is adequate Paresh Rawal in 3 roles does full justice to each and it's nice to see him do more then his usual nonsense comic acts But one wonders why have him in 3 roles Amongst rest all are good

Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye! Movies Full Hd 1080p


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