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Das Sommerhaus 2014 Torrent Fix

Das Sommerhaus 2014: A Subtle Portrait of Human Desire and Moral Decay

If you are looking for a German drama that explores the dark side of human nature, you might want to download das sommerhaus 2014 torrent. This film, directed by Curtis Burz, tells the story of a seemingly perfect family that falls apart due to secrets, lies and betrayal.

das sommerhaus 2014 torrent

The Plot of Das Sommerhaus 2014

The Larsens are a wealthy and successful family from the German upper-middle class. They have a stylish, light-flooded home and a bright future ahead of them. Markus, the father, is an architect who has a secret, bisexual double life. Christine, the mother, is a housewife who suffers from loneliness and depression. Elisabeth, their daughter, is a smart and talented girl who has a full scholarship to study in England.

However, their picture-perfect facade begins to crack when Markus develops an obsession with Johannes, a 12-year-old boy who is the son of his business partner, Christopher. Markus manages to get closer to Johannes and seduces him with gifts and attention. Christine senses that something is wrong with her husband, but she doesn't know the truth. Elisabeth, on the other hand, sees through the lies and secrets that are threatening to destroy her family.

As Markus loses control of the situation and pushes Johannes away in a moment of guilt, he sets off a chain of events that leads to a tragic outcome for everyone involved.

The Reviews of Das Sommerhaus 2014

Das sommerhaus 2014 torrent has received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film has been praised for its subtlety, complex characters, enormous tension, clever psychology and great actors. The film has also been recognized for its daring and controversial portrayal of sexuality, morality and family dynamics.

The film has been selected for several film festivals, such as Achtung Berlin - New Berlin Film Award - Berlin Highlights 2014, Montreal World Film Festival - Competition - 2014 and LGBT Film Festival Warsaw, Poland - Opening Film - 2015. The film has also won several awards, such as Best Feature Film at the Achtung Berlin - New Berlin Film Award - Berlin Highlights 2014 and Best Actor for Jaspar Fuld at the Montreal World Film Festival - Competition - 2014.

The Conclusion of Das Sommerhaus 2014

Das sommerhaus 2014 torrent is a film that will leave you breathless and disturbed. It is a film that explores the dark side of human desire and moral decay. It is a film that gets under your skin and nears the abyss. If you are looking for a powerful and provocative German drama, you should watch das sommerhaus 2014 torrent.

How to Download Das Sommerhaus 2014 Torrent

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The Cast and Crew of Das Sommerhaus 2014

Das sommerhaus 2014 torrent features a talented cast and crew that bring the story to life. The main actors are:

  • Nina Splettstößer as Christine Larsen, the lonely and depressed wife of Markus.

  • Jaspar Fuld as Johannes, the 12-year-old boy who becomes the object of Markus' obsession.

  • Sten Jacobs as Markus Larsen, the architect who leads a secret, bisexual double life.

  • Anna Altmann as Elisabeth Larsen, the smart and talented daughter of Markus and Christine.

  • Stephan Bürgi as Christopher, the business partner and father of Johannes.

The film is directed by Curtis Burz, a German filmmaker who has also directed other films such as The Last Day of Summer, The Boy Next Door and The Visitor. The film is written by Curtis Burz and Jörg Lühdorff, who have also collaborated on other projects such as The Boy Next Door and The Visitor. The film is produced by Focusing Films, a Berlin-based production company that specializes in independent films.