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[S1E10] You Have To Go

[S1E10] You Have To Go ->>>

Kenny and Kristi have been dancing around each other since the beginning, and once we learned more about Kristi's life pre-landing in the town, it made sense why she never let herself totally fall for Kenny. She wants to stay true to the life she had before, but at the same time, she can't deny the connection she and Kenny share.

Ellis and Fatima have found a new home in each other, but it's naive to think everything will be rainbows and sunshine forever, and it's been nice to see them have these conversations and commit to each other. Will there be trials and tribulations to come? Of course. Look at their environment.

It all leads to Boyd's physical decline as the day wears on and Sara morphing into the voice of reason and the helper. For good reason, these two have been on rocky ground, but Sara at least steps up here to help Boyd. Or at least that's what it looks like she's doing.

But if he's helping them, you have to wonder not only why but how he's able to get away with it. The monsters seem to be very much on the ball, so how are they letting this one rogue kid fracture the plans they've made.

Upon their arrival at Fort Caspar, Elsa, Shea, and James are surprised to be greeted by two teenagers instead of soldiers, evidence that the fort is no longer an army post. After Elsa collapses due to her injuries, a doctor, Major Hemphill, examines her. He is both rude and unhelpful, explaining that Fort Caspar, where she might have gotten help, has been abandoned. Dejected, the group leaves, but not before Shea finds out that the Wyoming Stockgrowers Association, the group responsible for the slaughter of the Lakota women and children, has taken over Fort Caspar.

William MiB kept returning to Westworld, and occasionally going on loops with Dolores, who continued to obsess about her past and occasionally ventured far and wide into the park. But of course, she was reset each time and didn't remember him. Rather than blame the park, the MiB seemed to have blamed her, as if she ghosted him online rather than was habitually reprogrammed by Ford. The MiB became increasingly embittered, and rather rich, too. He became the park's biggest shareholder, the guy basically owns Delos.

She grabs the MiB by the collar and drags him across the church, just like he dragged her into the barn in the premiere (well, the MiB dragged Dolores by her hair, but the MiB doesn't have much to offer there). She then proceeds to beat the hell out of him. This is the stand-up and cheer moment that actress Evan Rachel Wood teased fans last week; the young enlightened robo-feminist beating her older human patriarchal abuser while inside a symbol of systemic repression (a Catholic church). Not hugely subtle, perhaps, but it's some violent-delights fun.

Back in the park, Dr. Ford collects the MiB for his black-tie reception and ribs him about finding the maze toy. "I wanted the hosts to stop playing by your rules," the MiB says. "I wanted them to be free, free to fight back. I should have known you'd never let them."

It should go without saying at this point, but: the entire point of this post is to tell you what happened on the finale, so if you're still waiting to watch it, turn back! And we should add, too: to "know" anything about Yellowjackets is to know it with an asterisk. There are things we have been told, but if one or more of them turned out not to be true, would I be shocked? I would not. Let's dig in.

What's interesting is that back in the woods, Taissa remained a skeptic about the supernatural. We learn in this episode that her rejection of the idea that something unknowable is happening in the woods alienated her from Van, and maybe even helped move Van toward Lottie and her developing cult. Even though we have also seen that her family has a connection to the eyeless man and maybe the symbol that predates the plane crash, Taissa didn't seem like an occult-believing type. But it does appear that sometime between here a


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