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Washburn Guitar Serial Number Database [TOP]

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Washburn Guitar Serial Number Database [TOP]

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How to Find Out When Your Washburn Guitar Was Made

If you own a Washburn guitar, you may be curious about when it was manufactured. Maybe you want to know its history, value, or specifications. Or maybe you just want to show off your knowledge to your friends. Whatever the reason, finding out the age of your Washburn guitar is not as hard as you might think.

Washburn guitars have been around since 1883, and they have used many different serial number formats over the years. The serial number is usually located in the sound hole of the acoustic guitars or on the back of the headstock of the electric guitars. By looking at the first few digits of the serial number, you can easily determine the year of manufacture of your Washburn guitar.

The Serial Number Format

The most common serial number format for Washburn guitars is either one or two digits that indicate the year of manufacture, followed by a series of digits that represent the production number. For example, if your guitar's serial number is 94000000, your guitar was made in 1994. If your guitar's serial number is 8901827, your guitar was made in either 1989, 1988, or 1998. You can confirm the exact year by visiting the Washburn guitar archives and looking at the reference pricelists or catalogs.

Some older Washburn guitars may have a different serial number format, such as four or five digits with no clear indication of the year. In that case, you may need to do some more research to find out when your guitar was made. You can try contacting Washburn customer service or checking online forums and databases for more information.

The Benefits of Knowing Your Guitar's Age

Knowing when your Washburn guitar was made can help you in many ways. For one thing, it can help you determine its value and authenticity. If you are planning to sell or buy a Washburn guitar, knowing its age can help you negotiate a fair price and avoid scams. It can also help you identify rare or collectible models that may have a higher value than others.

Another benefit of knowing your guitar's age is that it can help you maintain and repair it properly. If you need to replace any parts or adjust any settings on your guitar, knowing its age can help you find the right ones that match its specifications and original condition. It can also help you avoid damaging your guitar by using incompatible or outdated parts or methods.

Finally, knowing your guitar's age can help you appreciate its history and legacy. Washburn guitars have been played by many famous musicians and have been part of many musical movements and genres. By knowing when your guitar was made, you can connect it to its historical context and feel more proud of owning it.


Washburn guitars are among the most popular and respected instruments in the world. They have a long and rich history that spans over a century. If you want to find out when your Washburn guitar was made, all you need to do is look at its serial number and compare it to the available resources online or offline. By doing so, you can learn more about your guitar's value, specifications, history, and more. 9160f4acd4


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