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Discord Bot Maker

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Your goal is to engage people with your company and share material with their peers on social media. This increases the attraction and popularity of your brand, resulting in greater traffic to your business. A discord chatbot that can distribute content while conversing with people is a nice feature to have in your chatbot.

Preexisting Discord bots have different prices based on what you need them to do. If you want to build a Discord bot forms scratch, you can use Appy Pie Chatbot to create a FREE discord bot for your business. All Discord bot templates on Appy Pie are completely free!

Discord Bot Maker:I have a leveling system that adds xp based on posts and stores that to a JSON file and works without a problem. Once a member reaches a certain xp level, the bot assigns them a new role in discord. If ever I have to restart the bot, all members who have xp would start over back at level 1 with 0 xp.

I need to figure out how to get the discord.js bot to add roles to members when their xp stored in MySQL reaches a certain level. Here is the discord.js bot code (again with login information removed):

I don't have much experience with Discord Bot Maker, but I can offer a potential solution for discord.js. Its documentation can take a bit of time to get used to but is quite well done and useful for finding what you need. revolves around the concept of events. An event is something you listen to and then respond to. For example, when a message happens, you will receive an event about it that you can respond to.

I'm thinking of installing the javascript plugin and working from there but how would I even set up the discord bot creation to where it'll work on joining servers and installing the API on construct. If anyone has experience or think they know how it'll work let me know 59ce067264


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