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Softactivity Activity Monitor 7 Crack: Is It Worth It?

Softactivity Activity Monitor 7 Crack: Is It Worth It?

Softactivity Activity Monitor 7 is a software that claims to monitor and record the activity of employees on their work computers. It promises to help employers catch them in the act of wasting time, leaking confidential information, or engaging in other inappropriate behaviors. But is it really a reliable and ethical solution? Or is it a scam that could harm your business and reputation?

In this article, we will review Softactivity Activity Monitor 7 and its crack version, and discuss the pros and cons of using such a software. We will also provide some alternatives that might be more suitable for your needs.

Softactivity Activity Monitor 7 Crack

What is Softactivity Activity Monitor 7?

Softactivity Activity Monitor 7 is a software that can be installed on any PC on your local area network. It allows you to remotely view the screens of your employees, track their web browsing history, record their keystrokes, capture screenshots, generate reports, and more[^1^]. It claims to work invisibly, without slowing down the computers or alerting the users[^1^].

The software is designed for businesses that want to monitor their employees' productivity, performance, and compliance. It can also be used for educational institutions that want to supervise their students' online activities. According to the official website, Softactivity Activity Monitor 7 can help you:

  • Remotely monitor their work computers

  • Track websites visited

  • Track their work time and time away from the computer

  • Record keystrokes in work apps, emails, websites and IM chats

  • End workplace harassment, IP theft and more

  • View multiple computers at the same time

  • Generate reports and schedule screen captures

  • Protect against insider threats[^1^]

The software costs $189.95 for a single license, which covers one monitored computer. You can also buy multiple licenses at discounted prices. For example, a 10-license pack costs $999.95[^1^]. The software comes with a free trial for 7 days.

What is Softactivity Activity Monitor 7 Crack?

Softactivity Activity Monitor 7 Crack is an illegal version of the software that can be downloaded from various websites. It claims to bypass the license verification and activation process, and allow you to use the software for free or with unlimited licenses.

However, using Softactivity Activity Monitor 7 Crack is not only unethical but also risky. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid it:

  • It may contain viruses, malware, spyware, or ransomware that could infect your computer and network, compromise your security and privacy, damage your data and files, or extort money from you.

  • It may not work properly or as advertised, causing errors, crashes, glitches, or performance issues.

  • It may not be compatible with your operating system or other software on your computer.

  • It may not receive updates or support from the developer, leaving you vulnerable to bugs, vulnerabilities, or compatibility issues.

  • It may violate the terms of service and privacy policy of the original software, exposing you to legal consequences such as fines, lawsuits, or criminal charges.

  • It may harm your reputation and credibility as a business owner or manager, especially if your employees or customers find out that you are using a cracked software.

In short, using Softactivity Activity Monitor 7 Crack is not worth it. You are better off paying for the legitimate version of the software or finding another solution that meets your needs and budget.

What are some alternatives to Softactivity Activity Monitor 7?

If you are looking for a software that can help you monitor your employees' activity on their work computers, there are some alternatives to Softactivity Activity Monitor 7 that you might want to consider. Here are some of them:

Traqq: Traqq is a free employee monitoring software that tracks time, productivity, and activity levels of your remote workers. It captures screenshots and video recordings of their screens every few minutes. It also records their app usage and web browsing history. You can view their activity reports and timesheets on an online dashboard. Traqq also has features such as 0efd9a6b88