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Dvd Full Concierto Kumbia Kings Live En La Arena Monterrey

Dvd Full Concierto Kumbia Kings Live En La Arena Monterrey >>>>>

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Kumbia Kings: The Legendary Concert in Monterrey

If you are a fan of Kumbia Kings, you probably know about their epic concert in Monterrey, Mexico, in 2003. The band performed in front of a massive crowd at the Arena Monterrey, delivering a show full of energy, hits and surprises. The concert was recorded and released as a DVD, which is now a collector's item for many Kumbia Kings lovers.

In this article, we will review the DVD and tell you why it is a must-have for any Kumbia Kings fan. We will also give you some tips on how to find it online or in physical stores.

What is on the DVD

The DVD contains the full concert of Kumbia Kings in Monterrey, which lasted for more than an hour. The band played 10 songs, including some of their classics like "Baila Esta Cumbia", "Boom Boom", "Te Quiero A Ti", "No Tengo Dinero" and "Na Na Na (Dulce NiÃa)". They also performed some covers of Selena, Juan Gabriel and Kumbia All Starz.

The concert was a celebration of Kumbia Kings' success and popularity in Mexico and Latin America. The band was joined by special guests like Pee Wee, Frankie J, DJ Kane and Nino B. They also interacted with the audience and showed their appreciation for their fans.

The DVD also includes some bonus features, such as interviews with the band members, backstage footage, photo gallery and karaoke versions of some songs.

Why is it worth watching

The DVD is a great way to relive the magic of Kumbia Kings' live performance. The band was at the peak of their career and delivered a memorable show that showcased their talent, charisma and versatility. The concert was full of emotion, fun and dance.

The DVD also captures the essence of Kumbia Kings' music: a fusion of cumbia, pop, hip hop and R&B that appeals to people of different ages, backgrounds and tastes. The band was one of the pioneers of this genre and influenced many artists that came after them.

The DVD is also a valuable piece of history for Kumbia Kings' fans. It was one of the last concerts that featured the original lineup of the band, before they split up in 2006 due to personal and legal issues. The DVD is a testament to the legacy and impact that Kumbia Kings had on the music scene.

How to find it online or in stores

If you want to watch or buy the DVD of Kumbia Kings' concert in Monterrey, you have several options. You can watch it on YouTube[^1^], where someone uploaded the full video with good quality. You can also stream it on SoundCloud[^3^], where another user posted the audio version.

If you prefer to have a physical copy of the DVD, you can look for it on online platforms like eBay or Amazon. However, be aware that the DVD is rare and expensive, as it is out of print and in high demand. You can expect to pay around $100 or more for a new or used copy.

You can also try to find it in local stores that sell DVDs or CDs. You might have more luck if you live in Mexico or near the border, where Kumbia Kings' music is more popular. You can also ask around your friends or family members who might have a copy of the DVD that they are willing to lend or sell to you.


Kumbia Kings' concert in Monterrey was one of the best shows that the band ever gave. It was a celebration of their music, their fans and their culture. The DVD is a great way to enjoy this concert and remember why Kumbia Kings were one of the most influential and successful groups of their time.

If you are looking for the DVD online or in stores, be prepared to spend some time and money to find it. It is not easy to get your hands on this rare gem, but it is worth 9160f4acd4


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