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Breeding Wife Stories

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Breeding Wife Stories

Let me first tell you about myself. My name is Mike and I am currently sixty-four years old and married to a very fine woman for the past fifty years. I stand over six feet tall and weigh around two-hundred-sixty pounds. My wife, Cathy, is the same age and no longer believes we need physical contact in our marriage. She has felt this way for about ten years and so I am very frustrated.

About five years ago she hired a new secretary who was younger than she normally considers and nothing short of perfect in all ways. She was great at work and she was beautiful as well. Her name was Debbie and she was twenty-seven years old. Her husband, Jim, is an attorney and never seems to be there for her. She was confused and asked my wife for some advice.

2 years ago I cheated on my wife.On the way home from work I went to a local cruising spot with public toilets. I left my ass up in the air for all to use freely.8 loads later and I felt really dirty kissing g my wife when I got home

She has worked hard to flatten her abs, lose the weightand other than a few stretch marks, has a killer body.Her new body did increase our sexual couplings for alittle while, but I found myself now going onto theInternet to satisfy my sexual needs. I found myself drawnto the wife swapping web sites. I would often masturbateto my thoughts of Susan going down on a strange man andhaving him fuck her in the end. I could see my littleSusan giving up that fine pussy of hers to a totalstranger.

I saw his black cock disappear into her blonde pussyhair, and I wondered if he would put a black baby into mywife tonight. Finally he began to cum! He began to curseand bury his cock deep into her pussy. I could tell thathe finally finished pumping her full of his baby juice.He pulled his cock out of her and got off the bed. Susanmotioned for me to come over.

KRAKER: But advocates for the Ojibwe horse say its survival is still tenuous. They say more people are needed to maintain breeding herds - more people like Em Loerzel, who just welcomed a new baby to her small herd in Wisconsin.

They where equally satisfied that each of the women had put such an effort into their appearance. Both our wives had wanted to look as desirable as possible. Vikki wore a very sexy black dress. Her tits neatly on show. The men sat around enjoying their bodies and looking forward to later. They were arrogant and forward and the mood immediately changed. In particular, the man I had recognised sat looking at my wife. His chin resting confidently on his finger as his eyes ran up and down her figure. There was instinctive aggression in his horny eyes. Both Kathy and Vikki where hot. Though there was no question who he was most looking forward to drilling later. Not wanting to be cheap I bought us all drinks. It gave the men more time to eye the women and hopefully for my wife to relax.

This wife was desperate to get pregnant and so used her husband in every way that she could in order to get herself knocked up and bred. Follow the tale of this intriguing couple into parenthood and just how kinky they got in order to achieve their fantasy.

Ah! This couple took full advantage of the most romantic city in the world as they enjoyed the wonderful city and mostly their hotel room. Getting pregnant was an accident but neither can deny how much they enjoyed the breeding process.

Rick Donahue of the Blackzilla big cock sex stories series uses his trademark style of great story lines to develop a great plot for every story in this book. Rick believes to deliver the best in breeding sex stories you must use real-life experiences, and that's where his research takes him.

Jake glanced out his window at the thick cloud cover they were flying through while the plane continued shuddering from mild turbulence, nothing dangerous. He returned to sipping his drink. This was his second glass of scotch since they took off almost an hour ago. These days he seemed to duly require one to soothe


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