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Fraudsters Disguised As Journalists In Phishing Campaign

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"We take a proactive approach to managing and protecting against external threats, including scam and phishing campaigns," it said in a statement to CNBC. "As with all financial transactions, fiat or crypto, it is critical to ensure the account receiving funds is legitimate and its owner is identified and trustworthy prior to the transfer."

A successful phishing attack is one that can provide everything fraudsters need to ransack information from their targets' personal and work accounts, including usernames, passwords, financial information, and other sensitive data.

Some scammers are aiming at unwary consumers. Here, their email subject line will be designed to catch the victim's eye -- common phishing campaign techniques include offers of prizes won in fake competitions, such as lotteries or contests by retailers offering a 'winning voucher'.

While many in the information security sector might raise an eyebrow when it comes to the lack of sophistication of some phishing campaigns, it's easy to forget that there are billions of internet users -- and every day there are people who are accessing the internet for the first time.

But while some phishing campaigns are so sophisticated and specially crafted that the message looks totally authentic, there are some key give-aways in less advanced campaigns that can make it easy to spot an attempted attack.

Some phishing campaigns remain really, really obvious to spot -- like the prince who wants to leave his fortune to you, his one long-lost relative, but others have become to be so advanced that it's virtually impossible to tell them apart from authentic messages. Some might even look like they come from your friends, family, colleagues, or even your boss.

While email still remains a large focus of attackers carrying out phishing campaigns, the world is very different to how it was when phishing first started. No longer is email the only means of targeting a victim and the rise of mobile devices, social media, and more have provided attackers with a wider variety of vectors.

However, unless the attacker has a large network of PCs, servers or IoT devices doing their bidding, making money from this kind of campaign can be an arduous task that involves waiting months. Another option for crooks is to use phishing to steal cryptocurrency directly from the wallets of legitimate owners -- and that's a lucrative business for cyber criminals.

In a prominent example of cryptocurrency phishing, one criminal group conducted a campaign that copied the front of Ethereum wallet website MyEtherWallet and encouraged users to enter their login details and private keys.

The theft of cryptocurrency in phishing campaigns like this and other attacks is costing crypto exchanges and their users hundreds of millions of dollars, as accounts and whole platforms get hacked and cyber criminals take the money for themselves.

Meanwhile, cybersecurity researchers warn that cyber criminals are already looking at the ChatGPT AI chat bot and the potential it has for helping to conduct campaigns. It's possible that crooks could use AI to write convincing phishing messages.

Simulated phishing campaigns, in which organizations test their employees' training by sending fake phishing emails, are commonly used to assess their effectiveness. One example is a study by the National Library of Medicine, in which an organization received 858,200 emails during a 1-month testing period, with 139,400 (16%) being marketing and 18,871 (2%) being identified as potential threats. These campaigns are often used in the healthcare industry, as healthcare data is a valuable target for hackers. These campaigns are just one of the ways that organizations are working to combat phishing.[140]

Reports of phishing scams came late last month as this news first emerged. According to TechCrunch and others, a phishing campaign last month attempted to lure Twitter users into posting their credentials on an attacker website disguised as a Twitt


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