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Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 In Hindi Mp4

Shooting then moved to Paraty, Rio de Janeiro where the honeymoon scenes were shot. According to Paraty's Tourism Office, filming took place in the Taquari area, near an unidentified waterfall, and at Mamangua Bay where a mansion is located.[38] It rained on every day of shooting.[17] In late November, shooting moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana where most of the indoor scenes were shot on Raleigh Studios[17] and in a house. Stewart had to wear heavy make-up to look thin and ghastly to show Bella through a phase of pregnancy where the baby starts breaking her bones.[39] The birth scene took two nights to shoot[17] after the cast had a long conversation with Meyer, a midwife, and a doctor to discuss the mechanics of the scene,[40] particularly to decide the area where Edward should place his mouth to bite into Bella's placenta if this situation could ever occur in real life.[39] An animatronic baby was used to film a few scenes of newborn Renesmee.[41] The cast and crew spent two months of the filming process shooting in a green-screen room on fake snow. Reportedly, a few scenes were also shot in Arsenal Park using green screens.[42]

twilight saga breaking dawn part 1 in hindi mp4


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