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Subtitle American.Raiders.Battle.Fire.2022.WEBR...

The subtitle "Revenge of the Sith" is a play on the working subtitle for Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983), "Revenge of the Jedi". For episode VI, that title was abandoned because George Lucas determined that revenge was not a suitable attitude for a Jedi. Since this film, however, is about the triumph of the Sith, "revenge" is entirely appropriate.

Prior to the official announcement of this movie's subtitle to be "Revenge of the Sith", several rumors had circled about as to speculation of the final prequel's subtitle. Such speculations included possible subtitles as "Rise of the Empire" and "The Creeping Fear".

Numerous fans speculated online about this movie's subtitle. Rumored titles included "Rise of the Empire", "The Creeping Fear" (which was also named as the movie's title on the official website on April 1, 2004 (April Fool's Day)), and "Birth of the Empire".

A bootleg version was released in Shanghai, China, titled Star War The Third Gather: The Backstroke of the West. An American bought it and found the English subtitles were mostly machine-translated from Simplified Chinese to English and back again, creating hilarious translations. Other translations were added by the Chinese translator.

The habit of combining one- or two-word titles with a subtitle for foreign release so the public will have a better idea what the work is about. It's a way to give people who haven't heard about the original work an idea of the premise without making it unknown to the people who do know the original work by name. Sometimes the subtitle is a direct translation of the original title (if it is kept in the original language), making the name redundant, or it may be something that explains the plot.

Live-Action TV Bouken Yarou MacGyver (1985) (Adventure Guy)note The 2016 reboot drops the subtitle. Chou Onsoku Kougeki Heli Airwolf (Supersonic Attack Helicopter) Dallas: Karei-naru Aku no Ichizoku (The Big, Screwed-Up Family)note Yeah, that's what the subtitle means in English. Dallas: Scandalous City (2012 sequel)note The name is an elaborated pun between the pronunciation of the eponymous city in Japanese (as "da-ra-su") with the Japanese spelling of the English word "scandalous" (as su-kyan-da-ra-su) The Expanse: Kyoujuu Mezameru (The Beast Awakens) Highlander: Ankoku no Senshi (Warrior of Darkness) [the TV series] House of Cards (US): Yabou no Kaidan (The Stairway/Path to Ambition)note The subtitle was the Japanese name of the original British series. Knight Rider Next [2008 version] MTV Jersey Shore: Macaroni Yarou no New Jersey Life (The New Jersey Life of Macaroni Rascals) Proven Innocent: Enzai Bengoshi (Atonement Lawyer) Queen of the South: Jouou he no Kaidan (The Path to Queendom) Quiet Place: Yaburareta Chinmoku (Broken Silence) Shameless (US): Ore-tachi wa Haji wa nai (We Are Shameless) The Sopranos: Aishuu no Mafia (The Sorrowful Mafia) Stranger Things: Michi no Sekai (Strange World) Tokkou Yarou A-Team (Special Operations Guys)note The 2010 film is simply titled Tokkou Yarou A-Team THE MOVIE. The Tick (2016): Unmei no Super Hero (The Fated Super Hero) Walking with Dinosaurs: Kyoui no Kyouryuu Oukoku (The Marvelous Dinosaur Kingdom)

Video Games BattleTech: Ubawareta Seihai, which is actually the first MechWarrior game Dante's Inferno: Shinkyoku: Jigoku-hen (The Divine Comedy: Inferno Episode) Disney Epic Mickey: Mickey Mouse to Mahou no Fude (Mickey Mouse and the Magic Brush) Enchanter: Wakaki Madōshi no Shirén (The Trial of the Young Sorcerer) Eternal Darkness: Manukareta Jūsan-nin (The 13 Guests) Gods: Kami to naru Otoko no Densetsu (The Legend of a Man Becoming God) The Goonies II: Furatteri no Chōsen (A Challenge From the Fratellis) Heavy Rain: Kokoro no Kishimu Toki ("When the Heart Breaks", or "A Heart's Breaking Point") Indivisible: Yami o Harau Tamashii-tachi (Souls That Enshrine the Darkness) Infamous: Akumyou Takaki Otoko (The Notorious Man)not


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