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Our rubrics are important to help students succeed. I use the rubric in front of them when I'm grading, and the students themselves will check their essays in front of the rubric. Our rubric is flexible, so as the students get better, they can be allowed to use more. Once they've reached the mastery level, the rubric can be tightened up to ensure they don't skip steps. Providing the students a rubric helps them with consistency and prevents them from getting away from good writing standards by using language that they are comfortable using. The AP® English Language argument essay rubric plays an important role in the students' essays, as well as the grades they receive.

Highlight the sections of the essay that do not match the definition of a persuasive essay. I have found that many students like to outline each section of their persuasive essay in some fashion. Write down a few general topics you want to cover, then choose the three or four that you want to address in each paragraph. Add the writing objective to each one. Make sure that you use specific examples from the passage.

The purpose of the rubric used in the AP® English Language argument essay is to help students both at the prompt, at the end, and when grading. When first grading their argument essay, students need to be sure that they have used a purposeful and concrete writing objective. This leads to the rubric for the prompt and the rubric for the essay guiding the students through the process they have to follow to write a strong, well-crafted, purposeful argument (they can easily use a "worksheet" for the prompt, and use it as a rubric for the essay). Furthermore, at the end of the essay, the teacher needs to make sure that she has graded the essay on the basis of AP® Language Use (Language) and Structure (Structure). She should also make sure she has graded the essay on the basis of the purposeful writing objective. If she sees that the students have left it something less than the required specific purposeful writing objective, then she can make the appropriate adjustments. d2c66b5586


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