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Pure Pool - Snooker Pack Download] [full Version] |VERIFIED|

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Pure Pool: Snooker will be available worldwide in February 12th, 2016, exclusively for PC. It will also have cross-buy, so you'll be able to pick it up for a much cheaper price if you already own the PS4 version.

All in all, we'd recommend this game, but not as much as the previous Snooker series it's based on. With that said, if you're interested in a pure pool game that's more focused on competitive or casual play, you might want to keep on your radar.

So that all said, if you're a fans of fun, fast-paced, online competitive pool, Pure Pool: Snooker might be the game for you. We also think it's worth mentioning that certain single-player modes (i.e. Pairs and Fours, where you compete against the computer as a pair or four) are great fun, and a very good substitute for playing against real people for a game.

Note: Why can't we make our review videos!?!? REBECCA! It's sorta like this already. No we don't know why but it's not really cool. But it's happening anyway. So as a result, here's an update of our best Pure Pool Snooker videos, going back to 2016.

As mentioned above, we're realistically only doing awesome reviews of this game now, so if there's any big changes from the PS4 version you'd like to see in this video, please let us know in the comments. d2c66b5586


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